Post a day

Ok, I admit I have been a tad bit busy for the last few days and have been unable to blog, write or tell a story of fiction or non fiction. Keep to my target of daily writing. 

What am I thinking? In 25 minutes it will be midnight and a new full day will begin. But not any day. My birthday. 

What have I learnt this whole year? At any time life can change dramatically. Since I’ve hit my thirties life has been a complete transformation. 

The highlights of the week so far.. The award goes to my car breaking down in the middle of nowhere and the breakdown recovery van could not find me. 4 hours later, I was discovering with a flat tire (tyre) and shivering cold, bursting for a wee, standing at the side of a village road. Thank goodness, I had a spare tyre at the bottom of my car. 

Opening birthday cards and presents before I went to sleep. My nephew made me a big hand made birthday card, in his adorable hand writing with motorcycle pictures all over it. ☺️ 

15 minutes left and what am I going to do now? Try and get some shut eye as I have a long busy day ahead of me. 

Good night world. Over and out!


20th October 2013

Writing is form of emotional lift.  It helps us when we are down.  

Take a leap of faith.

26 January 2014

Lots of events have happened to me, since the last time I blogged here.

Yes, I am a full grown adult, yet I always ask my parents for their opinion before deciding on something.  An important decision is going to take place and here, I am sharing it with the world.  I have been offered a job at another store and I am going to take it.  There.  I have said it.  I haven’t spoken to my parents as they are both on vacation at this very moment.  I dread to think, what they are going to say.  Is it going to be positive feed back or negative feedback?  Too late, now.  I have already agreed.  

Tenth of January, I was working at a new store that had opened in the next town, to where I live and to where I work.  It was such a great experience and I loved every moment I was there working.  New environment.  New people.  New customers.  Great!  After two weeks of working, lots of different shifts, twice as much of hours to what I normally work.  Seven days a week non stop work, then having one day off.  Then again working through my normal days off, doing crazy shifts like 1pm to 10pm , then starting the next day at 6am to 2pm.  


5th March 2014

I offered to work the evening shift, giving my dad the night off.  he was jet-lagged as he had just returned from his vacation abroad.  Not because I need the money, because I want to.  Because I enjoy it and it makes me happy.     

What’s the point of Young Adult Fiction?

29 October 2014

What’s the point of YA (also known to non readers, Young Adult)?  If you’re a book worm like me, you will definitely remember the round red sticker with the capital letters of a ‘YA’ on the spine of books on the shelves at the public libraries.  This distinguishing the book age groups.  Youngsters of 12 years to 18years.  Books that give a bit more information about real life and grown up topics, like adultery.

Do you think that writers of this genre hold back information?  I don’t know if this is making any sense…

I believe there is a market section for this.  I don’t read teenage books now, mainly adult thriller genres.

I remember growing up reading books by Christopher Pike, Malcolm Rose, David Belbin, Anthony Horowitz, R.L.Stine and more.  Point Horror series, Point series, Point Crime series.  This is really giving away my age group.

Teen fiction and young adult fiction.

Let’s give an example.  Twilight series books.  These books were a hit.  They were made into films.  The books are fantasy genre.  Would you say they are teen fiction?  Yes yet slightly more young adult genre.  Though the book was okay to read.  Certain sections like when Belle loses her virginity to her lover, husband vampire Edward, makes out that the first time was amazing.

Have courage

19 August 2017 

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” ~Ambrose Redmoon

Don’t let fear stop you pursue what you want out of life. If it’s the right thing for you, then you should do it. Step up, be brave. 

I have days where I am scared, unsettling feeling, where I can’t  sleep.