5th March 2014

I offered to work the evening shift, giving my dad the night off.  he was jet-lagged as he had just returned from his vacation abroad.  Not because I need the money, because I want to.  Because I enjoy it and it makes me happy.     


What’s the point of Young Adult Fiction?

29 October 2014

What’s the point of YA (also known to non readers, Young Adult)?  If you’re a book worm like me, you will definitely remember the round red sticker with the capital letters of a ‘YA’ on the spine of books on the shelves at the public libraries.  This distinguishing the book age groups.  Youngsters of 12 years to 18years.  Books that give a bit more information about real life and grown up topics, like adultery.

Do you think that writers of this genre hold back information?  I don’t know if this is making any sense…

I believe there is a market section for this.  I don’t read teenage books now, mainly adult thriller genres.

I remember growing up reading books by Christopher Pike, Malcolm Rose, David Belbin, Anthony Horowitz, R.L.Stine and more.  Point Horror series, Point series, Point Crime series.  This is really giving away my age group.

Teen fiction and young adult fiction.

Let’s give an example.  Twilight series books.  These books were a hit.  They were made into films.  The books are fantasy genre.  Would you say they are teen fiction?  Yes yet slightly more young adult genre.  Though the book was okay to read.  Certain sections like when Belle loses her virginity to her lover, husband vampire Edward, makes out that the first time was amazing.

Have courage

19 August 2017 

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” ~Ambrose Redmoon

Don’t let fear stop you pursue what you want out of life. If it’s the right thing for you, then you should do it. Step up, be brave. 

I have days where I am scared, unsettling feeling, where I can’t  sleep. 


I think this is my third post for the day. 

Reading through my older blogs, writings, I miss the carefree younger version me. I was a ‘go with the flow’ type of person. If things didn’t feel right I would do not it. What advise would you give to the younger you? Me? It would be : Be audacious. Voice your opinion. Be courageous. And breathe. Do your research on anything life changing. 

The lost book FOUND

On 22 May 2014, I blogged about a book which I was desperately looking for. I have found it and straight away bought the book and it lives in my kindle. I bet you’re wondering “what on Earth was it called?” It’s called CHOSEN by Lesley Glaister. The cover has a girl wearing a red top. That was why I remembered the red on the cover from when I read it the first time and Sophie Hannah does recommend the book on the cover. A blurb I think authors call them. A quote praise from another well known author. 

Be better version of you..

I take after my father and always give out free advice even when no one has asked for it. When I was a child I had a book, it was more of a tiny leaflet comic filled with pictures, not much wording. I’m not sure how we got it. I think someone gave it to us. It was black and white and inside, told you the type of person you should be in order to go heaven. I’m not describing this very well. However it made me think. 

In the Bible, the holy Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Guru Granth Sahib, and all other religious literature talk about having a place in Heaven. In order to reach this place you must be a good person in living day. 

I remember flicking through the little comic book and wanting to be the person who reaches the “light” side. The “dark” side aka “Hell” the grim reaper was awaiting. It scared me a little. 

But fear always comes with the unknown. 

I was thinking of my life, I was discussing our viewpoints with a friend who’s the same age as me. We’re in our early thirties. 

The teens don’t really count as you’re still a child and juvenile. The twenties are normally people experimenting and finding out ourselves and thirties is when you’re settled and grinding. For me, feels like thirties I’m experimenting and experiencing the experiences which I didn’t have in my twenties. It doesn’t mean I am a “bad” person or “going against the rules”. End of the day you follow your own rules. You have your own beliefs and values. Values change with experience, and pain. But pain shouldn’t make us weak it should make us stronger. I like to hope that this true. Doesn’t always feel this way. 

I just want to survive is that such a crime? 

A stranger told me they had won £5000 but don’t feel anything. The free advice I gave them was: 

“Congrats on your winnings. Be careful who you tell and trust as people will try to use you. Spend wisely. Investment is best. Protect your future.”

Money is a short term happiness. If you do something which helps you long term like investing hopefully it should help and grow. 

Everything that happens in our lives is a learning curve. For me blogging about random thoughts makes me feel better. 

From today, 25th March 2018, I’m going to try and blog everyday and see if I can keep up. 

I’ve been trying to keep up with reading a chapter a day, exercise regularly. Do all things that make you happy. Play the guitar, go out with friends (choose wisely)! The people you spend most time with is the people you become. Try and do something new. I learnt to play pool yesterday and in my first game I had 3 red balls remaining on the pool table. Nothing exciting but for me it was. 🙂 If it makes you smile, laugh, feel good, it is worth doing. 

Day 2 of blogging – I predict a riot..

And so it is the 25th March, the clocks have gone an hour forward. The daytime is longer. Feels great. On the world news, hundreds of thousands of people have travelled to Washington DC, to protest gun control following the fatal shooting that killed 17 students and teachers in Parkland. This took place yesterday (March 24, 2018) even celebrities like Jimmy Fallon took part in the protest. I’ve been following the news on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, reading up on my Guardian news app. #marchforourlives It’s important to read up and learn what is happening outside your own personal bubble. I wish I could take part in this. Protests are  good. Everyone, from different back grounds, race, religion, we all become one. Fight for our right. 

Then there’s all the news about Facebook and deleting your account as they have too much data and control on personal information and privacy. #deletefacebook 

Surely, this is the same to people like me blogging about life, news, politics. Everything we write pretty much ends up on the internet. A big unknown interactive world, generation, so huge that learning about information technology blows my mind. I love learning! 

There’s news about the #NHS in the UK, all staff should get a pay rise. Things can change. 

Then there’s #HMSOcean a warship which has now been sold to Brazil. Why couldn’t the Navy keep this as turn it into a museum like the HMS Belfast in the river Thames in London? But have it in Plymouth or Bristol. I would definitely travel down to see it. Though I can proudly say I have an HMS Ocean souvenir, a mug and material badge. As a friend of mine worked on the warship. 🙂