A letter to the Editor..

Dear Editor,

I was reading the article headlined ‘Ban Burka to stop escapes’ in this weeks local newspaper.
In relation to this article, the facts incorrect.  Men do not wear burkas.  I wonder if they are getting it confused with what men wear in the middle east – a long full length tunic.
What has happened with men concealing their identity, wearing a burka is wrong.  However the MP should not be making comments like he has about banning the burka.  The fugitive could have worn fancy dress, or painted their faces, like in the film Dark Knight, where the joker’s team have worn clown masks to conceal their faces.  Having said that, does that mean fancy dress and face paint is now banned too?
Burkas and balaclavas are two different types of clothing.  Therefore to put them in the same category, I find that offensive.  Once again a religious dress is being criminalized and scrutinized, which is unfair and wrong.  Certain people need to be re-educated and get their facts straight.
I agree with the Home Secretary Theresa May, that it is not for the Government to tell a woman what to wear or how to dress.
London, England is well-known for its multi-culture and I feel these kind of comparisons and comments will cause aggravation.
Thank you for reading this letter,  I feel much better now.

New Year’s Resolutions

It is amazing what little pleasures of life can do to oneself.  Give you a personal little lift.  I have decided now that for my new year’s resolution I will commit myself to fun, active, amazing feeling good things to do list.  If that makes any sense to you guys out there.  So, for example, I will push myself and cross boundaries where I have never been.  Push myself out of my comfort zone.  I have done something like this in my job, couple years back, all down to someone saying to me that I am not very ‘daring’ or what was it…thinking..thinking… ah that’s it.. oh darn it’s gone from my head again.. something like achieving.. in the lines of ruthless but not.. in the lines of.. that’s it!  i have remembered ‘ambitious’.  Some one said to me, I am not ambitious enough.  Depends what that word means to oneself.  Everyone sees and views life differently.  So what did I do, I improved myself and goodness, I felt really good.  It was scary and exciting at the same time.  So yes, do something a little different everyday.

What did I do today?  Well, I went window shopping and bought something which I didn’t expect to ever buy and you know what?  it felt good.  I got a really good deal and I saved a few bucks.  That’s cool.  We are in the recession, for goodness sakes!  So why the hell not?!  We have the one life!  I have the one life.  I work hard, too hard maybe (finished writing my column at 2am and it was two sides of A4) and don’t really socialize (so why not?)  I have to stop talking like I am a group of people, keep using the word ‘we’ – anyone else out there who do that, instead of using the word ‘i’?     

At least I didn’t go on a shopping spree and buy gorgeous smelling leather handbags – don’t you just love the smell of real leather?  Or buy shoes.. actually a couple of weeks ago, I did buy some pretty blue pumps (you know the flat types), comfy soft, that suit a pair of skinny jeans – don’t know why though – as it is freezing at the minute.  Not very practical.  I still love them any how.  Shopping can be very therapeutic.  Impulse buying might be really bad.  But if you can control yourself, then you should be fine.  My little weakness, is movies..  I bought a couple dvds earlier… Good bargains!  Do I really need them?  No.  Yet I love watching films.  Who doesn’t?

So, new years resolutions.. 2014…travel places where I have never been to.  Obviously, somewhere not to expensive, got to be realistic.  What makes me happy?  do things that I love and just didn’t seem to have much time this year to do.  

There is a quote that Gandhi said – I can’t remember it.. I know for a fact that it is in the film “Remember Me” stars Robert Pattison, Pierce Brosnan, and the TV series Lost girl.  Robert’s character keeps repeating the quote throughout the movie.  It is a good quote.

“What ever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is important that you do it.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

One to remember.  Think about it.  🙂

Ah, it’s now 02:32 UK time.

Better sleep now.  A good note to go to sleep on.  Good night. x

Questions that need to be asked

Why are the minority ethical people being targeted as victims?  Why are we hearing so many bad news about people being attacked, killed this week?  It is so sad and unfortunate news.  Can you imagine how those families are being affected when they hear the tragic news about their loved ones?

What is the world coming to?!

Billy no mates equals success

To be successful, you don’t have to be a social butterfly.  Going to parties and social invites night in and night out..  There is evidence of this theory, if you don’t socialize, you can focus what is important to you.  Career, great job and family matters.

I read an article about a woman who worked her way up a newspaper company and became the editor,  All down to the aspect of having no friends.  I have no friends and I am okay with that.  Less christmas presents and birthday cards to buy.  Less expense from a logic view.  Focus what is important to me.  Don’t listen in on work gossip and work politics, you won’t get hurt.