This Week

This Week has been quite an interesting week.  I don’t mean to use the word ‘interesting’ as saying a ‘bored’ week but a ‘good’ week.  I have met some many strangers this week.  I have had a week off from work.  So I guess you can call it a week of vacation.  A holiday week.  A thought crossed my mind.  A smile that you give to a person like love.  Giving someone a bit of love to brighten their day.

A smile is what makes people smile at you.  What makes people approachable.  This what makes strangers talk to one and another.  This is probably the way people fall in love.  Like that old saying ‘fell in love when I first saw you’.  How cheesy.  I think I’m going to puke.

The smile is the most important thing ever.  I’m probably not making any sense as I am writing, blogging at 03:53am, where I should be fast asleep.  But my thoughts keep talking, buzzing in my mind and won’t let me sleep.  The only way I can, is to release a thought into a blog.  Write it down, in scribbles, and then look back realising that it does not make sense because I cannot read my own handwriting.  It becomes a writer’s block.

So, the smile.  🙂 Is the reason why strangers talk to each other.  Am I correct?  I believe so.  This week I have met many people.  My sister thinks I talk too much and waste my time talking to people whom I don’t know.  She is probably correct.  I guess this is because of all the years I have spent working in retail.  A skill to have, having a great rapport with people.  I just happen to click with people.  To me, it is all about the journey of a person.  For example, a person gets up one morning and goes to work, goes shopping, walks or drives home, spends time with family and then goes to sleep.  The journey is where the person spends most of their time.  Let me try and explain this better.  A customer enters a shop, buys a product.  They spend most of the time looking for the product.  Their moods will change depending on the people they meet on the way.  When that person reaches the till or checkout, if they receive bad service, their day will end badly.  If they receive good service, their day, theoretically will end good.  Hopefully, you see the picture which I am trying to paint with these set of no descriptive words. (I used to be once a good fiction writer.  This I hope to get back to when I have time.)

A smile cheers people up.  It is very attractive in human sapian view. (Apologies, if I can’t spell.  I haven’t slept a wink yet. Lol, meaning laugh out loud not lots of love.)  If a baboon smiled at you, it wasn’t because they are trying to be friendly.  It normally, means a form of aggression, because they are baring their teeth and so on.  So, in the animal kingdom, things mean different things.  (Ugh, I’m getting bored of the word ‘things’..)

So, back to what I am trying to write about.  Smiles.  I’m the type of person who speaks to everyone and anyone.  Even if I don’t know them.  Why that is, I don’t really know.  I met a man in the park, because his son was playing with my nephew.  My nephew is a bit like me, speaks to any child, will ask them their name and he hasn’t even started school yet.  From a parent view, you’re probably thinking “Don’t speak to strangers”, I agree.  It’s great seeing, his bubbly character with other children.  I met Adam, we had a nice conversation.  We smiled and shook hands and gave our names.  A nice formal greeting.  Yesterday, I was speaking to the Spec Savers assistant about barbeques and the difference between lamb meat and sheep meat, which is pretty much the same.  His service was brilliant.  Again, a smile started off the conversation.  A little smile can get you far sometimes.  There’s a saying and I believe too, when you’re on the phone and you answer with a smile, the recipient can normally tell and get some sort of vibe, and it spreads happy vibes.  Let’s sleep on that thought.  Good night!


Aiming high, why the hell not?

I have reached my goal.  I have proved to myself that you can be successful.  You don’t have to attend University and get a job.  And get straight to the top.  I have worked so hard, two years proving to my senior managers that I have got what it takes.  Like I have said in my previous blogs, I want to show the world you don’t have to be a bitch to get to top.  

I cannot express you how I am currently feeling, so pleased, ecstatic.  Believe in yourself and you will get there.  Why stop on one stage, keep going and the world is your oyster.

Be inspired.

When religion is actually taken seriously..


Thursday, March 27 was my last shift at work.  I am now officially off for nine days before I go back to work.  Hooray.  I hear you say.  Yes.  (I’m nodding.)  But I won’t be working, catching up on domestic duties, end of year accounts, and writing my column.  Anyway, on my Thursday shift I was pretty happy, it was a good shift, massively busy, crazy long queues on the checkouts.  Between 5pm and 7pm, I was on a checkout serving customers.  Main thing is, I managed to get all my jobs done.  My duty manager on shift was checking the tills (which I normally do, in this case, she was learning something new.)  

Anyway before I head off and change the subject, it was nearly ten o’clock in the evening, store closes at this time.  I had delegated jobs to my team, making sure everyone is doing the job right.  One of my colleagues, Ryan, asked if he could quickly buy something.  Sure, I said to him.  After I had back stocked all the of big pop from the warehouse, he happily came up to me and told me, he had won £100 on a scratchcard.  Everyone were telling him, he’s got to share his payout.  There was six of us on shift, so they were all telling him: £10 each please, and the rest he could keep.  Ryan said that he should give me some of the money, as it for me, that he bought it and won that large amount of cash.  I was very pleased for him and I told him, technically you should give me half as it’s my birthday.  We laughed, nah.  No thanks, I told him.  I was just really pleased he won something and told him to treat himself to something nice.  That just shows that scratchcards (that we sell in store) actually work and you can win good amounts, not just the measly £1 or £2.  

I quickly, headed to the kiosk and bought a box of celebrations chocolate.  When I was paying for it, my colleague Ryan, queried me, telling me to buy a scratchcard.  I said, no, I’m not very lucky.  The colleague, Matt, who was serving me asked me “Isn’t it against your religion to buy scratch cards?”  Yes, it is.  Everyone does it.  It’s not like I am an addicted gambler.  People do a lot worse, for example, drinking and smoking.

This thought stayed with me, when I got home.  Religion always crashes into everything.  When do people take their religion seriously?  I’m not practicing mine however I do believe in God and there are parts in my religion which I take very seriously.  I love being charitable.  This week I have sponsored money to Epilepsy Action, Cancer Research and Parkinsons Society.  I am strict with myself, when it comes to drinking alcohol and smoking.  I have never touched the stuff.  If this wasn’t a religious principle, I think I would have chosen this any way.  I always dress modestly.  Never had a relationship with the opposite gender before marriage.  These things, I have taken very seriously.  

Again, I am heading off into another direction.  So, yes, when do people take their religion seriously?  Here is my list:  

1. Religion is only important to people, when there is a DEATH.  Everyone want a place in heaven.  Make sure you have the ‘correct’ ceremony. 

2.  When you’re family starts growing – BABIES – is another issue.  Naturally conceived, is fine.  As long as the baby is made in the bonds of marriage.  Some religion states, that IVF is wrong.  It is viewed as ADULTERY.  It has to be the husband and wife body parts or not at all.  So, what happens, if the female cannot produce eggs or male has a low sperm amount?  I guess, it depends on the person and how strongly religious they are.  Abortion – again, another area, where religion comes in.  Ending a life.  For or against.

3.  ADULTERY  – having any forms of relationships before marriage or whilst in a marriage.  With anyone, both genders.  male and female.  Male and Male, female and female.

4. GETTING MARRIED – when two people decide to get married, everyone are happy.  However, if they are coming from two different backgrounds, it can cause stress.

5.  GAMBLING, ALCOHOL, SMOKING – I put these in, due to that fact, these things are down to the person.  Some of us, us bought up with the concept, this is BAD.  Yet, people do these all the time.  I’m fine selling the stuff to people.  It is just worrying, when people get aggressive and violent.  As it has an effect on their health.  

If I have missed anything else, please comment.  Everyone are entitled to an opinion.  That is what makes life so interesting.    




I was typing at my laptop as my sister walked into my room and told me she met a girl at work.  My sister also works in a retail store, like I do.  My sister works on the checkouts in the morning in a convenience store, while I work in the superstore.  Same company, different branches.  My sister said to me, the girl, obviously not a girl no more, a grown women like myself, asked her if My sister was my sister.  So it was ” Are you XXX sister?”  XXX means my name.  My sister looked up at the woman she was serving, my sister told me she looked really familiar, like as if she has seen her somewhere.  The answer, my sister gave her was ‘Yes, she works at the big store.’  The girl, my sister was serving told my sister, “I’m Tracey, I went to school with your sister.”

When my sister told me her name.  I was so excited.  Tracey is a friend who I have lost contact with, and I have been trying to find her.  What is she doing in my home town?  I wondered.  I asked my sister, what was she wearing?  Did she have a wedding ring on her finger?  How does she look like now?  Blonde?  red haired?  brunette?  What name was on her debit or credit card when she paid?  What did she buy?  My sister’s reply was she couldn’t ask her any questions as she was busy and couldn’t remember.  The last thing Tracey said to my sister was “What a small world.”  

I guess I just got very excited when my sister told me.  I began searching old school photographs on facebook, which I found and showed to my sister and she said she looks the same.  Similar body built like myself.  Not as tall as me.  Shocking, when we were at school she was always taller than me.  Tracey was the ‘A star’ student, very competitive if I got a better grade than her on a psychology essay or exam result.  She was very intelligent.  She loved horses and played a violin.  Artistic like myself.  She went to university in London to become a vet or a brain surgeon.  We kept in contact when we both finished our ‘a levels.’  We lost contact when she was in first year at Uni, and after I had resigned my job in the bank industry.  That was pretty much the last I saw of her.  I did write, but she stopped responding.  A year ago, I wrote a letter to the house which her parents owned in Stanwick.  I wrote in it, if she still lived there to contact me and get in touch.  There was no reply.      


Good Day!

Hi all, I, realtalewryter, just wanted to announce that I had a good day today!  It was my day off from work today, however I had to go to work.  I worked at a new store that is being opened this Friday, January 10.  Entered a empty new convenience store and had to fill up the shelves in the whole building, make new shelf edge labels, point of sales, coach new staff and made new friends and contacts.  To me that is a successful day and work with managers whom I have worked with before.  Learning new skills.  It was a really good day.  Also the radio in the store played some pretty good music.  The single ‘Disillusion’ from Badly Drawn Boy’s first album, The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast and Razorlight track ‘Who Needs Love?’.  Funnily one of the young adults goes to me, “Who is Badly Drawn Boy?”  Gosh, that is showing my age.  Eek!  So, I explained to her, The film ‘About A Boy’ stars Hugh Grant, the music is done by Badly Drawn Boy.

So, Yes!  Good Day!  G’Day All!


The realtalewryter writes retail..

Saturday Night Shift

Work began at 1pm.  I got there twenty minutes early.  As I entered the building, my eyes dashed from the shopping trolleys on the front foyer, the queue of people waiting at the cash point.  Ahead of me was a tower display of a fresh, vibrant range of exotic flowers.  On the left, was the fresh food department, produce, meat, fresh milk section.  Behind the flower tower were three big checkouts, labelled six, five and four.  Till five and four were  occupied with customers bustling through with their endless shopping, handing out their debit cards and flashing their cash at the cashier.  I slid passed the checkouts, as I went round, you can see all the aisles, ambient section had began.  Sauces and pickles, tea, coffee and biscuits.  Tissue, pharmacy, and pet food; water, crisps, sweets and magazines.  In the far back was the alcohol and freezers.  Next to the beer fridge was all the sandwiches, small bottle drinks and the kiosk which had three tills.  My colleagues were busy serving customers, sorting out their lottery and more.  

I had enough time to buy an egg salad sandwich and a 500ml bottle of buxton still water, before my shift began.  After paying for my items, i headed down the sauces, pickles aisle and saw my store manager.  He was a tall, stocky man,  Dark hair, he wore a lime green shirt and was bending down, reaching out into the aisle shelf, and bringing some tins forward.  

“Hi,” I greeted him and called him by his name, “Can you sign my receipt, please?”

He turned, grunted and looked at me.  He stood up and towered over me.  He did not speak and reached for my receipt and signed it, with a pen.  Then I hurried down to the warehouse doors.  Punched in the code into the pin pad that was on the wall, once the light turned green, the door opened and I went in.  I passed the notice board on my right.  This board had all the information about figures, the top three sections of the store, sales number, any news about the company.  I meandered pass flat beds, pallets of deliveries, promotions, a shopping trolley filled with tin back stock.  Looks like someone had started working the backstock, it was left uncomplete.