You are Enough

Today after swimming for forty minutes, I bumped into a school class mate.  I knew I recognised her and called out her name.  She was getting into her big 8 seater, turned around and recognised me straight away.  We started talking and giving a brief catch up about our lives.

It was just the way she said that she’s a single mother of four children.  To me, that is pretty impressive.  Why do people always put themselves down?  Why aren’t we ever happy, with what we have?  Appreciate.  You are enough.  Why do we compare ourselves to others?  Everyone experiences different things, and therefore behave differently.

Or, maybe like something I read on Instagram, it said “This may piss you off: You are where you deserve to be in life.”

I don’t know.  Do you agree with this?

Get Your Pink On For Charity!

self portrait

It is October Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

This month all over the world, people are being charitable and raising funds for breast cancer!

My sister is having a ‘In The Pink’ night at her restaurant, raising funds for this great cause.

Couple of years ago, I took part in Race for Life and raised just under £400.

Getting involved in charitable events, really makes you feel good!

Big smiles all around!