See the Open picture

I live in a small town called Desborough, which is situated in the north of Northamptonshire.  Northamptonshire is a county in England, United Kingdom.  Northamptonshire is also known as Northants for short.  My town is growing.  The Kettering Borough Council want to build more houses in our town.  Bringing more people from the capital city and other big cities to our town.  However they want to build in a ‘green space’ where there shouldn’t be any houses.  Not only that, the doctor surgery cannot cope with the amount of people that are phoning in sick, you can never get an appointment with your GP (General Practitioner), your family doctor.  You always have to see a duty doctor. So, what happens, you will never get the same treatment, as you are always seeing different doctors.  The local junior and infant schools are over populated. they cant cope with the amount of children.  There is no amenities in the town, for all these people.  I am not complaining about my town.  Sometimes, it makes you wonder.  I want people to see the open picture, the bigger picture.  The houses are selling fast, great news! 🙂  It’s good for business, we need more shops.  Clothes, a big shopping mall.  Still lack of jobs.  That is bad news.  


I went for a walk with my husband the other day.  It was a miserable day, the rain fell in torrents.  The wet fine rain that soaks straight through your coat.  Just going along the main road in our tiny town, up pass the local junior and infant schools, past the post office, turn left and pass the new coffee shop that has recently opened and down to the local community shop.  This shop is painted all green on the outside and stands out a mile.  The previous owners of the shop (back then it was occupied as a baby clothes shop) it was a bright pale -ish pink colour.  Anyway, We entered the bric-a-brac shop, it contained lots of second hand goods.  Sometimes when you’re lucky, brand new items too!  Clothes, coats, books, dvds, baby wear, toys, jewellery and so forth.  People walking around, looking at items,  I went inside to view their notice boards, just wanted to have a look at what is happening locally in my home town..

Something struck me.  My eyes got caught on a bright yellow poster, with bold black capital letters screaming “FOOD BANK”.  

The local church are gathering tinned, dried food for the elderly in our community that cannot feed themselves.  Collecting such food for the poorer families in our country, England, for people who are not able to eat or look after themselves.  It is a good generous idea,  yet it made me really sad.

When I was a child of 4 years, our teacher told us, for homework we have to collect, bring back to school a shoe box full of dried, tinned food.  I remember collecting rice, pasta, spagetti pasta, tinned tomato, tinned beans.  The school was collecting boxes from each child, to give to an undeveloped country, like Africa.  

You would think, that back in the early 90s, the economy of other countries was really bad.  The future would be better.  In twenty years, time the world would be a better place.  Feels like to me everything has gone backwards.  

We are not collecting tinned food and dried food like pasta to send abroad, we are giving them to people in our own country, which is a developed country.  It’s really kind of, disappointing.  

People, should be taking care of their elder generations, shouldn’t they?