ROBOCOP is Back! Woop! Woop!

Last night I was really excited to discover that “Robocop” was finally releasing a fourth film, which will be coming out next year in 2014!

I was soo excited I told my dad and everyone in my family.  No one really reacted from this.  

Robocop is a 80’s film, I remember watching when I was a kid and I was terrified of the robots in this movie.  The original story is about a police officer (Murphy) who gets attacked and murdered by a group of evil, criminal bad guys.  The scientists transform Murphy’s left over body into Robocop.  There is revenge, action, friendship, everything in a action movie and bit of horror.  Mind the bad language (though I never took much notice of this when I was little).  The thought of robocop robot baddies send shivers down my spine.  Very frightening.


The evil robots:



This above image is from Robocop 2, scared the loving day light out of me.  All the robots, this one in particular, is in the first movie.  The films are really good for this era!

Enjoy the trailers:

Childhood memories

I was thinking back to my childhood.  When I was in year 3 in infants school we had to rewrite the story of ‘Peter and the wolf’.  I remember the music – classical music, each tunes representing the characters.

here is a link:

Lifting music.