Men are like Bees (Part 2 Let’s try again..)

Men are like bees.

Why?  Do I hear you ask?

Well, it started off with myself and my nephew watching ‘Bee Movie’ a cartoon animation, a story about a bee called Barry who sues the Human race for stealing their honey.  Little does he (Barry) know that everything is linked together, is a cycle and everything effects everything.  I won’t say anymore in case you have not seen the movie and I don’t want to change the topic in another direction.

My bil (brother-in-law) was with us at the time and he made a comment.  He told me, that the cartoon is in fact incorrect as it shows that Barry the Bee has parents.  A mother and a father.  Well, in fact, the mother of all bees is the Queen Bee.  The Queen Bee is the one who reproduces them all.  So that makes all the bees brothers and sisters.

My bil is a ‘Bee man’, as he has made bee hive, has a queen bee (no that is not my sister LOL even though is like queen bee lol again) and is a Bee Expert.  I asked him further questions about bees, as I became very curious.  He told me that the female bees are the hard working bees, the slog and work non stop.  The male bees laze around and chill.  Don’t do anything, expect for mating time.  And what happens to the bees which are infertile and ill?  They get thrown out of the hive.  What a way to live?!  A survival instinct!

Imagine if that happened to everyone in the human race.  Ill, infertile humans, animals – it would be like genocide!

Anyway, that will be another topic to talk about.. coming soon..

So why are men like bees.. well, just talking from a woman’s point of view.  Men are like bees because, women are hard workers, they run homes, can organise, reproduce, and raise children and probably can live without men in their lives.  Men are there for mating.

Something a friend of mine said..  I won’t mention it, I think you might have got the idea now.

Hope this answers your questions guys and girls, I hope I haven’t offended anybody.  My ‘cer-raay-zee’ ideas and thoughts that just want to come out.  What I wrote first time round was much better explained than this.

Memories of M

I remember speaking to an old work colleague about our future plans.   We both were about in our early twenties.  I had two jobs at the time, working evenings in a busy food take away and in the day working in a grocery store, where my colleague M worked.  His mum would pick him up and drop him off, he lived in a village couple of miles away.  While I just walked to work.  

M was a tall, thin guy, with long grisly mousy brown hair.  He always wore his shirt tucked out over his baggy trousers, he was a greb afterall.  Grebs I don’t know what you call them now.  People who were into rock music.  M was a year younger than me.  He knew some of my old childhood school friends, which he studied with in high school.  

Something struck me today, that made him remember him.  My good friend.  We used to have a lot of funny conversations about music and had a lot of interests in common.  Before I go off in another direction, lets get back to what I wanted to write about.

He was studying at university an engineer course and in his second year.  Myself, well, just working and spending all my free time on writing a novel, which is still incomplete and reading philosophy and anything else I could get my hands on.

M recommended me a book called ‘Beyond Good and Evil’  by philosopher Friedrich Nietziche.  Good read too.  

Anyway, I remember we were standing down the crisps and sweet aisle, can’t remember why we were both down there.  Filling up the shelves with crisps probably.  M asked me what I was going to do with my life.

“I don’t know,” I remember recalling, “Just go with the flow”.  

This wasn’t the main part of the conversation, there was something we talked about.. I can’t seem to get there.. as I can’t remember..

We talked about moving on, aims in life, buying your first home, making commitments.

I remember he told me he was terrified committing himself to a girl or getting married.

I guess I too, worried about getting married at that time,  Though I didn’t have the pressure of looking for the ideal suitor, that was my parents job.  So, luckily for me I was able to relax and when the time is right it will happen.  Marriage was not part of my future plan.  As you had all the extras that went with being a married couple.  The offspring side.  

I remember speaking to him and telling him i refuse to breed and it is easy for men to plant a seed and disappear.  Women are not factories.  There is more to life than this.  And M said it is part of evolution,  You can’t stop evolution.  

Then the debate began.