This Week

This Week has been quite an interesting week.  I don’t mean to use the word ‘interesting’ as saying a ‘bored’ week but a ‘good’ week.  I have met some many strangers this week.  I have had a week off from work.  So I guess you can call it a week of vacation.  A holiday week.  A thought crossed my mind.  A smile that you give to a person like love.  Giving someone a bit of love to brighten their day.

A smile is what makes people smile at you.  What makes people approachable.  This what makes strangers talk to one and another.  This is probably the way people fall in love.  Like that old saying ‘fell in love when I first saw you’.  How cheesy.  I think I’m going to puke.

The smile is the most important thing ever.  I’m probably not making any sense as I am writing, blogging at 03:53am, where I should be fast asleep.  But my thoughts keep talking, buzzing in my mind and won’t let me sleep.  The only way I can, is to release a thought into a blog.  Write it down, in scribbles, and then look back realising that it does not make sense because I cannot read my own handwriting.  It becomes a writer’s block.

So, the smile.  🙂 Is the reason why strangers talk to each other.  Am I correct?  I believe so.  This week I have met many people.  My sister thinks I talk too much and waste my time talking to people whom I don’t know.  She is probably correct.  I guess this is because of all the years I have spent working in retail.  A skill to have, having a great rapport with people.  I just happen to click with people.  To me, it is all about the journey of a person.  For example, a person gets up one morning and goes to work, goes shopping, walks or drives home, spends time with family and then goes to sleep.  The journey is where the person spends most of their time.  Let me try and explain this better.  A customer enters a shop, buys a product.  They spend most of the time looking for the product.  Their moods will change depending on the people they meet on the way.  When that person reaches the till or checkout, if they receive bad service, their day will end badly.  If they receive good service, their day, theoretically will end good.  Hopefully, you see the picture which I am trying to paint with these set of no descriptive words. (I used to be once a good fiction writer.  This I hope to get back to when I have time.)

A smile cheers people up.  It is very attractive in human sapian view. (Apologies, if I can’t spell.  I haven’t slept a wink yet. Lol, meaning laugh out loud not lots of love.)  If a baboon smiled at you, it wasn’t because they are trying to be friendly.  It normally, means a form of aggression, because they are baring their teeth and so on.  So, in the animal kingdom, things mean different things.  (Ugh, I’m getting bored of the word ‘things’..)

So, back to what I am trying to write about.  Smiles.  I’m the type of person who speaks to everyone and anyone.  Even if I don’t know them.  Why that is, I don’t really know.  I met a man in the park, because his son was playing with my nephew.  My nephew is a bit like me, speaks to any child, will ask them their name and he hasn’t even started school yet.  From a parent view, you’re probably thinking “Don’t speak to strangers”, I agree.  It’s great seeing, his bubbly character with other children.  I met Adam, we had a nice conversation.  We smiled and shook hands and gave our names.  A nice formal greeting.  Yesterday, I was speaking to the Spec Savers assistant about barbeques and the difference between lamb meat and sheep meat, which is pretty much the same.  His service was brilliant.  Again, a smile started off the conversation.  A little smile can get you far sometimes.  There’s a saying and I believe too, when you’re on the phone and you answer with a smile, the recipient can normally tell and get some sort of vibe, and it spreads happy vibes.  Let’s sleep on that thought.  Good night!



I was walking down a road. With my head held up high. Enjoying the light breeze. The cool air between my toes. I was wearing an open toe sandal. They are my favourite pair. A soft shawl wrapped around my neck, leather jacket and jeans. Just enjoying the moment. Will this moment ever return? I stared straight ahead. My eyes glanced at the metal fence, darted across the pavement, across the road. Cars parked on the verge. A black and white collie dog rang down the pavement on the other side. Whizzing down. The dog caught my eye. It raced past a man. I was still staring at the dog. I didn’t notice a set of eyes watching me. I glanced up. Our eyes met. My first initial response was a smile. The guy was tall, slender. Maroon t shirt, dark baggy jeans. His face, unshaven. Dark eyes. He looked familiar. He smiled. Hello. I can’t remember whether he spoke first or I. Talking across the road as we both walked the opposite directions. How are you? I’m fine thank you and you? Good thanks. The conversation went on like that. He smiled on and I carried on walking.

Another time, I was on the train. I was travelling back from Leeds and jumped on to a train at Derby. I walked carefully down the aisle, counting the seat numbers and looking for my reserved seat. In my seat sat a young man. The table seating of four was jammed with a couple on one side and a young guy on the other.

“Excuse me, is this train going to Sheffield?”

The blonde haired guy replied “Yes, I think so.” He chuckled. He had a lovely accent. I looked at the number above the window which informed which seat was reserved from where. Still looking at him, slightly embarrassed I spoke, “Sorry, this is my seat.”

The guy looked at me, apologised. I thought he was going to stand up instead he shifted towards the window seat, which was reserved for me. No problem. I sat down next to him. His hair was thick, blonde high lights with light brown. His eyes were piercing blue. I couldn’t help it but I wanted to find out where his accent was from. So I casually asked him and he told me he was from Australia. Perth. This made me so excited and intrigued. I love men with Australian accents! We had a really interesting conversation full of laughter, exploring the world, travelling. I sometimes wonder, whether I should have given him my number. He laughed at the way I pronounced a word which, funnily, I can’t remember now. He told me he was a training teacher and has come to see his friend in the UK. He was working for a Cricket place in Sheffield and was visiting his friend in Newcastle. I wonder whether this guy is? I told him, next time he comes round my way, I’ll give him a tour. Not that there is much to see where I live. A middle of no where. We had a nice conversation, and when it was my time to leave, I thanked him for a friendly chat and left.

These are memories of no coincidence. We meet people everyday and we always pass each other. Makes me wonder if we will ever meet again. I would like to.



Sleep Talking

I find when I am stressed out, I tend to sleep talk.  In my case, it’s sleep swearing.  But not just in English language, it also comes out in other languages.  I am mutli-lingual you see.  I’m not the type of person who uses bad language frequently.  I never swear, it’s just not me.  Unless, I am really angry.  Is there anyone out there, who has the similar affect?  

Organ Donor vs Egg Donor


This topic has been on my mind for a long time.  Organ donor versus Egg Donor.  Is this the same thing?  Would you donate a part of your body to someone who is ill, to help them survive?


Or if you were dying or unwell, and needed an organ, you would look for someone who is compatible to yourself, to have an organ replacement.  A great scientific thing.  Fantastic that it works and people are filling out the forms to be an organ donor.

I saw a leaflet about being an ‘Organ Donor’ when I was at the Ambulance and Emergency (A&E) at hospital, couple of weekends ago.  I took a form and said to myself, yes, I would like to do such a great thing for the people of my world.  Though recently, I found the form, folded in my handbag.  I opened it up and did not read it.  I admit, I looked at it once and then threw it away.  I can’t do it.  It is not that I don’t want to, it is a big scary decision.


One of  my colleagues at work, told me he is an organ donor.  This decision he made himself and it is printed on his provisional driving license.  Cool.  A lot of my face book friends and out of work friends, do support this.  Terrific.

When I discussed this topic about donating an organ at school. we looked at the pros and cons, and everyone were like ‘OMG’, ‘Weird’ ‘Such a good thing to do’ – there was so many different views.  I think back then, I was one of those kids, who was yes, very much for organ donating.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love donating.  I am very generous when it comes to charity.  Regular basis, giving money to different charities, all year round.  Anything I see in newspapers or justgiving websites, I want to give and support them.

If my body needed an organ, I guess, I would say no.  No operation.  No, I don’t want a heart.  No, I don’t want blood.

Isn’t organ donor – similar giving blood?

If there is something wrong with my body, I will deal with it.  Can’t fix it.  Don’t worry.  Not the end of the world.

I had a conversation with a friend about women who can’t conceive, who have complications when they are trying for a baby.  My friend said to me, “Why do these women try, again and again, when their body is not giving them, what they want.  Just be happy and don’t bother trying.” (Again – is referring to such techniques like IVF, more on this coming up.)

Fair play.  That is her opinion.  A traditional view?

Yes, why bother trying?  If some part of your body does not work, then why try?

Science has advanced so much.

The first IVF baby was born 35 years ago this year, named Louise Joy Brown.  In a time where such techniques were forbidden, unheard of, distrusted, not traditional.  Bit like taboo.  Then three decades later, IVF has become a very successful story.  Well, I wouldn’t say a very VERY SUCCESSFUL story, as you never HEAR about the UNSUCCESSFUL STORIES very much.


In Vitro Fertilisation ( also known as IVF for short) is a process in which to fertilize an egg outside the human body and is then implanted back into the uterus. This process is used to help those couple having trouble conceiving.

As times have changed, the success rates have increased. I think it depends on numerous elements.  Age, time, what your condition is etc.

So, egg donors – would you categorize in the same section as a organ donor?  I think I would.  Similar sort of thing.  Isn’t it?  If you are a donor, and you want to help a stranger, you would not mind giving some of your healthy eggs away to hospitals to help couple who are trying for a baby.  But what happens, if it is on the other side.  The side where you are the couple who need to find an egg donor.  I guess, it must be a big decision, to decide for it or against it.   Most egg donations are anonymous.  Great.

So, back to my question:

Organ donor vs Egg Donor.

Is it the same?

Would you donar organ if you needed one?


If you couldn’t have children, would you get an egg donor?


But WHY?

If you don’t support organ donation, don’t they both fall in the same category?

It is a body part, something out of another body, then out in your body to help you.

Is it a selfish thing to do?  Is it moral? Immoral?  unethical?  Then suddenly, religion and culture jumps right into the middle of it all.

Why is that?

I just thinking last night in the early morning hours that it is easy to remember what happened years ago.

It is hard to remember what happened last night.  Or a couple of days ago.  Why is that?

What is this?  A short term memory lapse.  For example, I was watching a film “Angels and Demons” – the film production of Dan Brown’s second book in the Da Vinci Code series.  The film starred Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor.  I could not remember which film I had seen Ewan McGregor in the beginning of this week.  What a nightmare. Thinking, thinking hard and trying to remember.  In the end, I had to search for the film in my DVD collection until I was satisfied.  It was Moulin Rouge, by the way.

Why is it, somethings don’t sit in our heads for a long period of time.  Just disappear.  It like driving or taking a trip some where and you sort of remember the route.  LIke pigeons. These birds have picture minds, did you know?  They remember buildings, so they know where they are going.  (I’m like that too.)  Pigeons were used in war time to spread information.  Clever little birds.