You don’t have to watch “Eastenders” my life is pretty dramatic enough. Come and watch an episode of me.. 

Really I mean it. Spend a day being me in my fantastic dysfunctional large family. Characters which you’ll love and hate. Never a day is the same. 

Sadly there are somethings that will keep repeating in your life until you learn it. We learn through pain. 


What is Love Island?

A programme about polyamory? Men and women between ages of 20years to 35years meet and find their true love? A relationship big brother reality show! I don’t normally watch “trash” reality tv, so please don’t judge. It’s quite entertaining and funny. 😂🙈

I hope not all men just go for looks and drop their women for another. And it’s same for women, “pied off” their men for another. The language is so hilarious. It’s like I’m learning a new form of English language. Slang language! 

Relationships are complicated. You will definitely get hurt in process when trying to find your suitor. There are players out there and some genuine, kind but rare people. 

As long as you stay true to yourself, and keep to your personal principles, no one can make you do what you want. 

Reminiscents 2

“Hey saw this starry night shirt dress and reminded me of your gorgeous starry night dress you wore at the Christmas do last year! I think this dress would good on you.” And sent the link from website and photo of dress. 

A male friend sent me a photo of live Rugby match with the Dragons playing. No writing needed. Photo explained everything. 🙂 #goodtimes (And we’re just friends! And it’s possible!)

A photo of a candy store – passed this place thought of you.. 🍫 🍬🍭 

Photos of old postcards /childhood pen pal letters – hey look what found! We should start this up again. 

Parkrun action photo.

A photo of a Harley Davison.

A movie trailer – YouTube link 

A book – there are many books that remind me of friends and it’s normal to think of them. Like my work colleague Mark who recommended Fredrick Nietzsche book Beyond Good And Evil – excellent read. I miss Mark, we used to have proper intellectual conversations. I don’t know where he’s now but I hope he’s reached his goal and become a successful engineer. Then there’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson recommended by my colleague friend Chris. I miss him too. We had lots in common. I wish him all the best too. 

Cooking tips and recipes. 

Cooking at my friends house. 

Green doors

Virgin mojitos 

Songs – Starlight by Muse, reminds me of Kickboxing and my rock buddies from there – Tom, Dave and Sarah. The Vaccines, Athlete, and The Maccabees- Paul, Boston – Mark, Wolfmother – George. Dave and I talked about Badly Drawn Boy a lot 🙂 Charlotte (Charlie) we talked about Nirvana at the age of 16! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼


Sometimes you will see things that  remind you of someone. I always thought that was normal and friendly. 

“Hey watched a film and the location was Amsterdam, I remember you saying it was your best holiday.”

“Heard that song on the radio 📻 it reminded me of you.”

Snapshot of a coffee cake sent as a message to your “friend”.

And what does the friend reply to me: 

“…saying you’ve seen things that remind you of me, that’s all what would be considered romantic if it was anybody else…”

WTF Really?! 

What on Earth is the world coming to? It’s normal to remember things and let things remind you of people. Doesn’t mean you’re romantically involved in someone or want to be.

I’ve had friends male and female send me photos by text, postcards by post to say it reminded me of them. I did not think ever that person “loved” me or had a “crush”. It’s so pathetic. 

Maybe it’s the generation we from and how the way of our upbringing. 

If anyone want to comment, please do. Tell I’m right or wrong. 


Everyday you learn something new about yourself. 

Through emotions, feelings and memories. 

The feeling of how they made you feel or last conversation of what you had with them always stays with you. 

When they end badly, you always remember the bad parts. 

It’s worse when your fears appear in your dreams. I don’t normally suffer from nightmares not much now. I don’t fear anyone, but it’s not pleasant having a frightful dream about your ex. I guess that’s normal. Re living, re dreaming, re seeing the replica of what happened when you lived together in living day. I don’t know where that makes sense. The dreams showing what happened before and you having the chance to say what has been building inside of you. 


Someone I used to know through someone else I used to know, something happened to her and I remember her brother telling me that she’s going through a childish phase again as she had been listening to her childhood music and going to gigs. I didn’t think much of it, I just think he was being too harsh on her. Ok, she’s in her forties but there’s nothing wrong listening to music that you love. 

Life has been tough and sometimes you want to search and find yourself again after something dreadful happen to you. I believe that is normal. There’s no wrong in listening to your music that moved you when you were in your teens and relive your memories. Don’t be too reckless. Don’t be judgemental. 

Thoughts lingering…

People are temporary. No matter how hard you try and keep the sand in your hand tighter, the quicker the sand slips through your fingers. It’s the same with people. Certain people stay in your lives, some people pass through. When it’s not working out people leave.. ugh can’t explain what I’m trying to say. 


If music is moving, makes you laugh. It makes you cry. Then it’s worth listening to and the musician has done his or her work well. Mission accomplished.