Relationships versus Attendance 


I was driving to work this morning and I was thinking. I do most of thinking in the car. I let my thoughts iron out on an imaginary iron board. Straighten out the curls and make them stand up straight and bold. 

A thought came to me. 

Remember the days at school. Your attendance for everyday from year 7 to year 11 is important. You make sure that you’re on time and never late. Then you reach your last year at school, and due to the lateness of the bus, your attendance rate of 100% suddenly goes down. The teachers always remember the last year. The present year. No one remembers the all the years before hand on how good you have been. 

Then compare this to a long term relationship that ends badly. All you can remember is the bad parts, the pain, the tears. You never can remember or can recall the good parts. The beginning is normally the good part. 

It’s the same thing. Why can’t we ever remember the good parts? Why don’t they ever override the bad? 


Green vs Villains 

Have you noticed that villains in all tv shows, comics, animations, films, books always wear the colour green? I love the colour green. I’m not a villain. 

Characters like Loki from Thor, Slytherin house division from Harry Potter, Poison Ivy wears green from Gotham, the Riddler (Ed Nygma) wears green suit from Gotham, Wicked witch green face from wizard of oz. Not quite the clothing, but you know what I mean?! Joker in Batman has green hair. 

Then you have the super heroes such as Hulk. But there are not that many. If you can think of any, please comment. 

Pain And changes 

Pain doesn’t really go away. You can move forward, keep excelling and pushing yourself further. Then there are miniscule nights, like today 03:18am, where I can’t sleep. At least not having nightmares. You can’t sleep. You want to sleep. 

Life changing decisions have taken place. I should be happy. I am. Yet I am sad also. Another chapter of my life has come to a closure. 

Hopefully through these changes, the best is yet to come. 

I wish I could forget…

Imagine every time you thought of someone you liked, you would get an electric shock. The more you thought of them, the shock would increase. Eventually erasing them from your mind, as all you would remember was pain. #cognitive #mind #psychology #electric #shock #attraction #suppress #memories

Realtalewryter writes eating out..

Last night I was dining out at Frankies and Benny’s in Lichfield, enjoying a three course meal. The starter was garlic and mushroom in a cheesy sauce. My main was a chilli calamari spaghetti. My dessert was a chocolate brownie  with ice cream and cream. It was exceptionally great food. The atmosphere was very welcoming, including the service I received. Top notch. I’ve been to one of these restaurants with my friends in the past where I live, however I have never received super service, especially when eating out alone. 

There is nothing with wrong eating out alone. I enjoy my own company. It’s a confident move. Sitting on a spacious table of four on my own. 

I was speaking to a friend a while back who told me eating with people, with friends is more of an experience than eating alone. 

I guess it is like a celebration. In my family, eating out at a restaurant wasn’t really something we used to do. Eating at restaurants, for my family was a source of income. My father was a business man, a founder of an Indian Cuisine restaurant and take away. So for us, I have always seen dining out, as a form making money for the family. Bringing bred to the table. As I grew older, and began working in retail and now in I.T. dining out in restaurants has become more of a celebration, experiencing food made by another chef of different cuisine with friends and some family members. Eating out is a luxury hobbie, past time. For me, eating has always taken place round the diner table in my own family home. With my parents and my sisters. 

In the last week of my father’s restaurant, when he closed the family business for retirement. Many of the customers told me eating at our family restaurant was  for them a celebration. It was a truly, a sweet comment. 

#frankiesfave #family #familyvalues #eatout #restaurants #celebration #letsceletbrate #food #diningout 

Before I go to sleep

On my travels today, I dropped by to my local library and peered through a pile of books in their book sale. A hard back caught my eye. The cover was black, with a deep red rectangular shapes and yellow semi circles and lines going through the cover. The picture was of those dangling objects that you use outside in the gardens or to entertain new born babies, what do you call them?! Ah, I can’t remember. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Are they called mobiles I wonder? Maybe. Anyway the book is a modern classic. The Talented Mr Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. I noticed this book at a another time, perhaps at a book store. I wanted to buy it. That time I did not. This time, I did exactly that. The book in mint condition, crisp clean pages. No smears or marks. One of my high light of today. Once I opened the book, I was completely hooked. Even though I have seen the film which stars Matt Damon and Jude Law, it’s still a delight to read. I just love books that are dated in the fifties or twenties era. So romantic. Perhaps it was the book cover that seduced me. Or the most intelligent mathematical Thomas “Tom” Ripley. It’s not very often you see a person walk to down the street reading a book, like I was. With my head hidden inside the pages and every so often check my surroundings if it is safe to cross the road. As today’s day of age, you would see children and adults walking with their mobile phones, androids or iPhones catching Pokemons, listening to music or speaking at their phones. Good night now. Have a pleasant evening.

Embrace being different

When I was a child, all I ever wanted was to fit in. Sadly, this was never going to be, as first I was the only ethnic minority girl in class and I had an unusual name. As I have grown up, I have realised it is better to be different. And now I fully embrace my differences and do my own thing, have my own style etc. 

I was thinking about my niece. I always like to support her, encourage her and inspire her by feeding her interesting, knowledgeable, feminist type of books about girl power and it’s fine to be different. 

A few weeks ago it was world book day 2017 in U.K. For school all the children had to dress up as a book character. All children in my nieces year dressed up as the following, boys, the stereotypes, Harry Potter, thunder birds,spider man and the girls were all Frozen princesses. And what did my niece dress up as Horrid Harry. She dresses up as a boy. How cool is that! And courageous! I’m so proud of her! Sadly the children in her Year were nasty to her. You wait and see, when they grow to be different, I hope they remember that day. 

I’m so proud of my niece, that she was different. Be an individual. Be inspiration. Embrace change. 

Imagine relationships..

Hear me out on this. 

Imagine every person you met, you fell in love with, or became your boyfriend or girlfriend. You married. You had to marry. 

Then imagine, everytime the relationship broke, you had to divorce them. 

Think about all that stress you had to go through. Getting married and then separating. Horrible thought isn’t it? 

Well, this thought relates to days day. People who come out broken marriages, get a bad name in some cultures. The only way for them to move forward is to remarry but are not allowed to have relationships before marriage. Then there’s the western culture, where people are going through in and out of relationships all the time. No one ever points a finger at you and say, you’ve have tonnes of boyfriends/girlfriends, keep away from him/her. 

I might be generalising here. So I apologise. If anyone disagrees with this, please comment. Or does anyone think or slightly understand what I am trying to say, portray in these words? 

Sibling rivalry 

November 17,2016.I once had everything now I’m in transition of change.

Despite what I have been through I look at my siblings. Some of them have everything, a spouse, a child, a roof over their heads, surely you would think you would be happy with this? Why can’t they be happy? They’re in better place than some. You can’t put blame on your partner. Saying that’s it’s their fault. You’re not perfect either. Even if you are not at fault, or maybe some aspects are. At the beginning of a relationship you are a different person of who you are at the end of the relationship. You are meant to grow with the relationship with your partner. 

The bigger the failure, the bigger the victory. 

This Week

This Week has been quite an interesting week.  I don’t mean to use the word ‘interesting’ as saying a ‘bored’ week but a ‘good’ week.  I have met some many strangers this week.  I have had a week off from work.  So I guess you can call it a week of vacation.  A holiday week.  A thought crossed my mind.  A smile that you give to a person like love.  Giving someone a bit of love to brighten their day.

A smile is what makes people smile at you.  What makes people approachable.  This what makes strangers talk to one and another.  This is probably the way people fall in love.  Like that old saying ‘fell in love when I first saw you’.  How cheesy.  I think I’m going to puke.

The smile is the most important thing ever.  I’m probably not making any sense as I am writing, blogging at 03:53am, where I should be fast asleep.  But my thoughts keep talking, buzzing in my mind and won’t let me sleep.  The only way I can, is to release a thought into a blog.  Write it down, in scribbles, and then look back realising that it does not make sense because I cannot read my own handwriting.  It becomes a writer’s block.

So, the smile.  🙂 Is the reason why strangers talk to each other.  Am I correct?  I believe so.  This week I have met many people.  My sister thinks I talk too much and waste my time talking to people whom I don’t know.  She is probably correct.  I guess this is because of all the years I have spent working in retail.  A skill to have, having a great rapport with people.  I just happen to click with people.  To me, it is all about the journey of a person.  For example, a person gets up one morning and goes to work, goes shopping, walks or drives home, spends time with family and then goes to sleep.  The journey is where the person spends most of their time.  Let me try and explain this better.  A customer enters a shop, buys a product.  They spend most of the time looking for the product.  Their moods will change depending on the people they meet on the way.  When that person reaches the till or checkout, if they receive bad service, their day will end badly.  If they receive good service, their day, theoretically will end good.  Hopefully, you see the picture which I am trying to paint with these set of no descriptive words. (I used to be once a good fiction writer.  This I hope to get back to when I have time.)

A smile cheers people up.  It is very attractive in human sapian view. (Apologies, if I can’t spell.  I haven’t slept a wink yet. Lol, meaning laugh out loud not lots of love.)  If a baboon smiled at you, it wasn’t because they are trying to be friendly.  It normally, means a form of aggression, because they are baring their teeth and so on.  So, in the animal kingdom, things mean different things.  (Ugh, I’m getting bored of the word ‘things’..)

So, back to what I am trying to write about.  Smiles.  I’m the type of person who speaks to everyone and anyone.  Even if I don’t know them.  Why that is, I don’t really know.  I met a man in the park, because his son was playing with my nephew.  My nephew is a bit like me, speaks to any child, will ask them their name and he hasn’t even started school yet.  From a parent view, you’re probably thinking “Don’t speak to strangers”, I agree.  It’s great seeing, his bubbly character with other children.  I met Adam, we had a nice conversation.  We smiled and shook hands and gave our names.  A nice formal greeting.  Yesterday, I was speaking to the Spec Savers assistant about barbeques and the difference between lamb meat and sheep meat, which is pretty much the same.  His service was brilliant.  Again, a smile started off the conversation.  A little smile can get you far sometimes.  There’s a saying and I believe too, when you’re on the phone and you answer with a smile, the recipient can normally tell and get some sort of vibe, and it spreads happy vibes.  Let’s sleep on that thought.  Good night!