Questions that need to be asked

Why are the minority ethical people being targeted as victims?  Why are we hearing so many bad news about people being attacked, killed this week?  It is so sad and unfortunate news.  Can you imagine how those families are being affected when they hear the tragic news about their loved ones?

What is the world coming to?!

Hate. Credit. Cards.


I hate credit cards!

I don’t see any point in them.  Not useful!  You will just get into debt.

I can proudly say I have never owned a  credit card.  I refuse to.  I will not conform.  I will be a minority.

My husbands credit card got stolen and it has been a total nightmare.

I hope they find the idiot who stole the card.

The only way we found out when my husband received his statement and the balance was horrifically overdrawn!

Thought we were going to have a heart-attack!

This has never happened to him ever before.

We have contacted the police and fraud team.  Still in investigation.

People, people out there – if you get credit card forms given to you in post or from companies – refuse them!  Don’t take them on!  Be safe!  Chop them up immediately.  Learn your pin numbers, change them into numbers very different.  Nothing easy peasy.

Don’t want this horrible experience to happen to anyone.

Try and have a nice day!