When I was at work on Tuesday, I saw a poster.  The bold, capital letters jumped out at me.  It said: PLEASE HELP TYPHOON HAIYAN VICTIMS in the PHILIPPINES!  

I didn’t realise until now, how serious it was.  I was reading the news and it made me so sad to see the images.





In the BBC news, its says the death toll has now reached 3631.  It is so heart breaking to hear, when natural disasters strike.  Image how frightening it must be for the people who live there and for their families who live all over the world.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those victims.  Hope there is some way I can support them.

You can donate here:

UNICEF is responding to safe water and sanitation.

Millions in Need of Aid. DEC Member

Islamic Relief are helping in water, shelter and food.


Questions that need to be asked

Why are the minority ethical people being targeted as victims?  Why are we hearing so many bad news about people being attacked, killed this week?  It is so sad and unfortunate news.  Can you imagine how those families are being affected when they hear the tragic news about their loved ones?

What is the world coming to?!