Something funny happened to day..

Something funny happened to day.

I was in the doctor’s surgery today, a general check up, and was waiting in the queue to be checked in, ¬†The main door which leads to the waiting room has a window which you can peer inside and see who sitting where. ¬†I noticed that people were sitting majority on the right and hardly sitting on the left side. ¬†It didn’t bother me. ¬†I didn’t really take much notice. ¬†

I checked in and sat down on the first chair that was available.

Which was on the left side.  

Right.  So? РDo I hear you ask.

Well.  I sat there for not very long when a smelt a funny smell.  A sweet, sickening weirdish lingering smell that bombarded my nostrils.  I kept looking around wondering where the smell came from.  It kind of made you feel sick.  

All the patients sitting on the right had their faces leaning down, so that I could not make eye contact.  I turned my head and saw a man and woman sitting behind me.  Round, stocky pair.  They were the only people, who made eye-contact,  I smiled at them and realised that the smell was them. (well, actually, you could sort of tell it was a strange body odour smell problem.)

The funniest thing was no one said a word or complained.  We all sat quietly.  I tried hard to stop breathing.  I was really tempted to spray the room around me with my body spray that was hidden in my hand bag.  But I dare not , in case I offended them.  Because I knew them.  Local people from my home town.  

To end this blog, one old lady made a comment, something in the lines of “What is that sweet smell? ¬†Who has sprayed their perfume in here?” ¬†

All our eyes moved to her. ¬†Then another lady who got up to leave, said: “That smell is NOT perfume” and gave a stare at the people behind me. ¬†