Dirty minded computer

I was looking for another word whilst typing my column.  Trying to rearrange a sentence that I am bored or repeatedly writing.  This word is ‘invite’.  As I re write the sentence and search for another word for ‘come’.  I clicked the button for thesaurus and guess what my computer came up with.  Another word for ‘come’ it said ‘semen’.  Not the type of word I was looking for.  Tut, tut..

Sleep Talking

I find when I am stressed out, I tend to sleep talk.  In my case, it’s sleep swearing.  But not just in English language, it also comes out in other languages.  I am mutli-lingual you see.  I’m not the type of person who uses bad language frequently.  I never swear, it’s just not me.  Unless, I am really angry.  Is there anyone out there, who has the similar affect?