My Inspirational Films List so far..

All these films which I am listing are in different order.

1. Schindler’s List (stars Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes)

2. Gandhi (Stars Ben Kingsley)

3. Rescue Dawn (stars Christian Bale)

4. The Counterfeiters (stars Karl Markovics)

5. Ben Hur (stars Charlton Heston)

6. Life is Pi (stars Irffan Khan)

7. Cast Away (stars Tom Hanks)

Why is that?

I just thinking last night in the early morning hours that it is easy to remember what happened years ago.

It is hard to remember what happened last night.  Or a couple of days ago.  Why is that?

What is this?  A short term memory lapse.  For example, I was watching a film “Angels and Demons” – the film production of Dan Brown’s second book in the Da Vinci Code series.  The film starred Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor.  I could not remember which film I had seen Ewan McGregor in the beginning of this week.  What a nightmare. Thinking, thinking hard and trying to remember.  In the end, I had to search for the film in my DVD collection until I was satisfied.  It was Moulin Rouge, by the way.

Why is it, somethings don’t sit in our heads for a long period of time.  Just disappear.  It like driving or taking a trip some where and you sort of remember the route.  LIke pigeons. These birds have picture minds, did you know?  They remember buildings, so they know where they are going.  (I’m like that too.)  Pigeons were used in war time to spread information.  Clever little birds.