new years resolutions

People tend to make new years resolutions to change something about themselves hoping that the new year will be better.  What’s the point?  You have already failed.  Don’t make new year’s resolutions.  I haven’t bothered this year.  As every year is the same, however, changes in small paces.  I am not trying to be negative, though reading this back to myself it does sound negative.  Trying to be positive.  Bounce off from the negative.  Trying to see the goal.  Stay focus.  FOCUS standing for: F for Follow, O for One, C for Course, U for Until and S for Success.  Follow One Course Until Success.  It is worth a try.

Let’s focus on the Good Vibes in Life


What a busy week so much stuff has happened and so much I want to write about.  Feminism!  Cox Bazaar!  Driving!  Queen E2!  Whatever next?!  I even want to write about the good things that I am currently writing about in my columns.  

Media tends to focus on the bad things in life.  Some of the stories that I come across while writing my community column, some are really great stories.  They are not stories, but actual real samaritans, good people who want to help the helpless and poor.  That is what I would want to do.  I have done community work and there is a great buzz about it.  Supporting your local community and giving a helping hand.  You receive recognition for your work and people begin to give you respect.  That is a very lovely feeling.  A very positive feeling. 

A group of Girl Guides are raising money to fund a trip to Russia to help Russian orphans camping whilst their orphanage is being refurbished.  Isn’t that a wonderful thing to do?  

Couple of months ago, I read an article about my Infants school teacher and my junior school receptionist, they went to India to help with the poor.  The article was very touching.  Another lovely thing to do.

You don’t have to go to another country to go the extra mile.  Just by staying local and helping the vulnerable at home, in your home town.  Doing the good cause anonymously, is also a good way.  You don’t have to have people to know what you are doing.  For example, helping your elderly neighbours taking their recycle bins back to their house after the bin men have been.  Your neighbours don’t know you’re doing it.  But You do.  And do they look happy, that their bins are back in place.  This may be such a little good thing.  It goes a long way.  



Billy no mates equals success

To be successful, you don’t have to be a social butterfly.  Going to parties and social invites night in and night out..  There is evidence of this theory, if you don’t socialize, you can focus what is important to you.  Career, great job and family matters.

I read an article about a woman who worked her way up a newspaper company and became the editor,  All down to the aspect of having no friends.  I have no friends and I am okay with that.  Less christmas presents and birthday cards to buy.  Less expense from a logic view.  Focus what is important to me.  Don’t listen in on work gossip and work politics, you won’t get hurt.