What does ‘time’ mean to you?


What does time mean to you?

Time means different things to people.  

To me, time means money.  It has taken me a long time to realise this.  In my spare time, I am a treasurer in a community group in my home town.  I am one of the founders of the group.  I taught myself from scratch how to do book keeping.  I have learnt many skills and I feel very passionate about it,  But unfortunately now, my life is getting quite hectic.  With my full time job in retail, my writing in my column, family commitments, running my home, I don’t have any personal time to myself.  I love all the members in my group, we are such a bubbly bunch, and I have become good friends with them.  Being the youngest one in a group of women who are grannies and nannies, then there is me.  My only set of friends who are much older than me.  One of the ladies once said, “I couldn’t do this job, if I was working full time.”  I remember turning around and saying “Well, I work full time and am doing this in my spare time.”  She had nothing to say.  This made me think.  What Am I Doing Here?  Sadly, I will be stepping down from my position this year.  I will miss doing the end of year accounts, which I have been doing for the last three years.  I will miss updating the face book page that I set up for the group and doing all the public relation side.  I will miss taking part in all the planning and organising in the events that we do.  It was fun when it lasted.  Sad, that I don’t get paid for it. It does take a lot of time to do this.  I always look back at the very first meeting, when they asked who would like to be the treasurer.  Everyone, looked away.  I put myself forward, bravely.  Pushing my boundaries, confronting me fear.  That is what life is.  Confronting my fear and being brave.  You wouldn’t have courage, if you were not scared, a friend told me.    




Hate. Credit. Cards.


I hate credit cards!

I don’t see any point in them.  Not useful!  You will just get into debt.

I can proudly say I have never owned a  credit card.  I refuse to.  I will not conform.  I will be a minority.

My husbands credit card got stolen and it has been a total nightmare.

I hope they find the idiot who stole the card.

The only way we found out when my husband received his statement and the balance was horrifically overdrawn!

Thought we were going to have a heart-attack!

This has never happened to him ever before.

We have contacted the police and fraud team.  Still in investigation.

People, people out there – if you get credit card forms given to you in post or from companies – refuse them!  Don’t take them on!  Be safe!  Chop them up immediately.  Learn your pin numbers, change them into numbers very different.  Nothing easy peasy.

Don’t want this horrible experience to happen to anyone.

Try and have a nice day!