Do you have the time?

If someone asked you ‘Do you have the time?”  What would you say?  I would uncover my sleeve on my left wrist and view my watch and tell the stranger the time.  I guess that is automatic.  That is not what I am trying to say.  Time.  Who has the time for anything?  Time is wasting away.  As I blog.  As you read.  As I write.  Time is running out.  Eek!  I hear you cry.  Yes.  I nod.  

The last few weeks have been really hectic for me.  I glance at my diary and calender and every day something is happening.  Events.  So busy.  I try to monitor my time and work around it.  It is hard.  I am trying to learn my theory for my driving lessons, so I can book my driving test and be on my way to support my career in retail.  As well as that, I am trying to have the time, for my husband, so he does not feel neglected.  I am constantly working around the clock, working here, working there, babysitting, writing my column, cooking, domestic cleaning.  You know the drill.  So hectic.  Then there are family events, birthday do’s, party invites, to reply to.  Everyone expects you to be there.  Friends trying to meet up and they don’t understand why you are so busy.  

That is part of life.

Some days after an incredible long shift at work, where I have started at 6am one morning and finished work the night before at 10pm, I go home to bed and sleep it off.  And before you know it, the whole day has gone.  


Good Day!

Hi all, I, realtalewryter, just wanted to announce that I had a good day today!  It was my day off from work today, however I had to go to work.  I worked at a new store that is being opened this Friday, January 10.  Entered a empty new convenience store and had to fill up the shelves in the whole building, make new shelf edge labels, point of sales, coach new staff and made new friends and contacts.  To me that is a successful day and work with managers whom I have worked with before.  Learning new skills.  It was a really good day.  Also the radio in the store played some pretty good music.  The single ‘Disillusion’ from Badly Drawn Boy’s first album, The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast and Razorlight track ‘Who Needs Love?’.  Funnily one of the young adults goes to me, “Who is Badly Drawn Boy?”  Gosh, that is showing my age.  Eek!  So, I explained to her, The film ‘About A Boy’ stars Hugh Grant, the music is done by Badly Drawn Boy.

So, Yes!  Good Day!  G’Day All!


Think about crazy happy..

Think about something that makes you crazy.

Think about something that makes you happy.

Write about it.

There was a painting at my friends art exhibition held at the castle in Wellingborough in Northants, UK.  It was held a couple of years ago.  Her art piece was a black canvas, black frame and in the centre was a circle like earth, made out of jigsaw puzzles.  It was amazing.  I loved it so much that I bought it eventually.  It reminded me of the world.  Things that makes me crazy, is the way that life moves on.  How we don’t get justice.  How life is so unfair.  The painting reminded me of this.  The happy soul of one in the centre and the world so dark, full of evil and so backwards sometimes and unfair.  

What makes me happy, is eating, cooking, being creative.  I bought some acrylic paints yesterday, that made me really happy.  I love doing art and I love to write.  Seeing my column every week in the newspaper is something to be proud of.  Seeing my beautiful nieces and nephews, cheers me up so much.  Their cute little faces, tiny little finger tips and funny sounds they make.  

See the Open picture

I live in a small town called Desborough, which is situated in the north of Northamptonshire.  Northamptonshire is a county in England, United Kingdom.  Northamptonshire is also known as Northants for short.  My town is growing.  The Kettering Borough Council want to build more houses in our town.  Bringing more people from the capital city and other big cities to our town.  However they want to build in a ‘green space’ where there shouldn’t be any houses.  Not only that, the doctor surgery cannot cope with the amount of people that are phoning in sick, you can never get an appointment with your GP (General Practitioner), your family doctor.  You always have to see a duty doctor. So, what happens, you will never get the same treatment, as you are always seeing different doctors.  The local junior and infant schools are over populated. they cant cope with the amount of children.  There is no amenities in the town, for all these people.  I am not complaining about my town.  Sometimes, it makes you wonder.  I want people to see the open picture, the bigger picture.  The houses are selling fast, great news! 🙂  It’s good for business, we need more shops.  Clothes, a big shopping mall.  Still lack of jobs.  That is bad news.  

New Year’s Resolutions

It is amazing what little pleasures of life can do to oneself.  Give you a personal little lift.  I have decided now that for my new year’s resolution I will commit myself to fun, active, amazing feeling good things to do list.  If that makes any sense to you guys out there.  So, for example, I will push myself and cross boundaries where I have never been.  Push myself out of my comfort zone.  I have done something like this in my job, couple years back, all down to someone saying to me that I am not very ‘daring’ or what was it…thinking..thinking… ah that’s it.. oh darn it’s gone from my head again.. something like achieving.. in the lines of ruthless but not.. in the lines of.. that’s it!  i have remembered ‘ambitious’.  Some one said to me, I am not ambitious enough.  Depends what that word means to oneself.  Everyone sees and views life differently.  So what did I do, I improved myself and goodness, I felt really good.  It was scary and exciting at the same time.  So yes, do something a little different everyday.

What did I do today?  Well, I went window shopping and bought something which I didn’t expect to ever buy and you know what?  it felt good.  I got a really good deal and I saved a few bucks.  That’s cool.  We are in the recession, for goodness sakes!  So why the hell not?!  We have the one life!  I have the one life.  I work hard, too hard maybe (finished writing my column at 2am and it was two sides of A4) and don’t really socialize (so why not?)  I have to stop talking like I am a group of people, keep using the word ‘we’ – anyone else out there who do that, instead of using the word ‘i’?     

At least I didn’t go on a shopping spree and buy gorgeous smelling leather handbags – don’t you just love the smell of real leather?  Or buy shoes.. actually a couple of weeks ago, I did buy some pretty blue pumps (you know the flat types), comfy soft, that suit a pair of skinny jeans – don’t know why though – as it is freezing at the minute.  Not very practical.  I still love them any how.  Shopping can be very therapeutic.  Impulse buying might be really bad.  But if you can control yourself, then you should be fine.  My little weakness, is movies..  I bought a couple dvds earlier… Good bargains!  Do I really need them?  No.  Yet I love watching films.  Who doesn’t?

So, new years resolutions.. 2014…travel places where I have never been to.  Obviously, somewhere not to expensive, got to be realistic.  What makes me happy?  do things that I love and just didn’t seem to have much time this year to do.  

There is a quote that Gandhi said – I can’t remember it.. I know for a fact that it is in the film “Remember Me” stars Robert Pattison, Pierce Brosnan, and the TV series Lost girl.  Robert’s character keeps repeating the quote throughout the movie.  It is a good quote.

“What ever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is important that you do it.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

One to remember.  Think about it.  🙂

Ah, it’s now 02:32 UK time.

Better sleep now.  A good note to go to sleep on.  Good night. x

Finally watched the phenomenon cinematic masterpiece: Schindler’s List..

I finished watching a beautiful and very sad film called “The Schindler’s List” stars Liam Neeson (Oskar Schindler), Ben Kingsley (IIzhak Stein), Ralph Fiennes (Amon Goeth).  I cannot believe I did not cry.  This film was directed by Steven Spielberg.  An excellent producer.  I have never seen this film, until today.  I have heard so much appreciation and good recommendations about this film.  Great reviews.  It is one of the most honoured films of all time.  I was completely blown away.  


It is a true story about a man, Oskar Schindler,a member of the Nazi Party, a womaniser, a business man, a way profiteer.  A humanitarian.. This man saved lives.  More than 1000 Jewish people during the Holocaust.  This man made a difference.  It is so profound.  I feel like have learnt so much.  

When I was in year 9 at school, just before starting my GCSEs, we were meant to learn about Hitler and The Holocaust.  The teacher who was a substitute did not teach us this subject.  He was like, ‘Oh you know this topic in History.’  I was annoyed and angry, i remember.  It was the last topic on our agenda, in our last term before the summer holidays began and before our GSCEs began.  I wanted to learn.  I protested and I was ignored.  It’s crazy, now that I have grown up, I feel it is still an area of my history that I don’t know much about.  I learn through films like “Schindler’s List”, “The Counterfeits”, books like “The Boy in Striped Pyjamas” by John Boyne.  



“If you don’t understand everyday life, you’ll never be a writer. Desire, want, anger, euphoria.. you need to understand these things on a basic level.” – Sharleen Spiteri (Lead singer of Texas.)

Memories of M

I remember speaking to an old work colleague about our future plans.   We both were about in our early twenties.  I had two jobs at the time, working evenings in a busy food take away and in the day working in a grocery store, where my colleague M worked.  His mum would pick him up and drop him off, he lived in a village couple of miles away.  While I just walked to work.  

M was a tall, thin guy, with long grisly mousy brown hair.  He always wore his shirt tucked out over his baggy trousers, he was a greb afterall.  Grebs I don’t know what you call them now.  People who were into rock music.  M was a year younger than me.  He knew some of my old childhood school friends, which he studied with in high school.  

Something struck me today, that made him remember him.  My good friend.  We used to have a lot of funny conversations about music and had a lot of interests in common.  Before I go off in another direction, lets get back to what I wanted to write about.

He was studying at university an engineer course and in his second year.  Myself, well, just working and spending all my free time on writing a novel, which is still incomplete and reading philosophy and anything else I could get my hands on.

M recommended me a book called ‘Beyond Good and Evil’  by philosopher Friedrich Nietziche.  Good read too.  

Anyway, I remember we were standing down the crisps and sweet aisle, can’t remember why we were both down there.  Filling up the shelves with crisps probably.  M asked me what I was going to do with my life.

“I don’t know,” I remember recalling, “Just go with the flow”.  

This wasn’t the main part of the conversation, there was something we talked about.. I can’t seem to get there.. as I can’t remember..

We talked about moving on, aims in life, buying your first home, making commitments.

I remember he told me he was terrified committing himself to a girl or getting married.

I guess I too, worried about getting married at that time,  Though I didn’t have the pressure of looking for the ideal suitor, that was my parents job.  So, luckily for me I was able to relax and when the time is right it will happen.  Marriage was not part of my future plan.  As you had all the extras that went with being a married couple.  The offspring side.  

I remember speaking to him and telling him i refuse to breed and it is easy for men to plant a seed and disappear.  Women are not factories.  There is more to life than this.  And M said it is part of evolution,  You can’t stop evolution.  

Then the debate began. 





The realtalewryter writes retail..

Saturday Night Shift

Work began at 1pm.  I got there twenty minutes early.  As I entered the building, my eyes dashed from the shopping trolleys on the front foyer, the queue of people waiting at the cash point.  Ahead of me was a tower display of a fresh, vibrant range of exotic flowers.  On the left, was the fresh food department, produce, meat, fresh milk section.  Behind the flower tower were three big checkouts, labelled six, five and four.  Till five and four were  occupied with customers bustling through with their endless shopping, handing out their debit cards and flashing their cash at the cashier.  I slid passed the checkouts, as I went round, you can see all the aisles, ambient section had began.  Sauces and pickles, tea, coffee and biscuits.  Tissue, pharmacy, and pet food; water, crisps, sweets and magazines.  In the far back was the alcohol and freezers.  Next to the beer fridge was all the sandwiches, small bottle drinks and the kiosk which had three tills.  My colleagues were busy serving customers, sorting out their lottery and more.  

I had enough time to buy an egg salad sandwich and a 500ml bottle of buxton still water, before my shift began.  After paying for my items, i headed down the sauces, pickles aisle and saw my store manager.  He was a tall, stocky man,  Dark hair, he wore a lime green shirt and was bending down, reaching out into the aisle shelf, and bringing some tins forward.  

“Hi,” I greeted him and called him by his name, “Can you sign my receipt, please?”

He turned, grunted and looked at me.  He stood up and towered over me.  He did not speak and reached for my receipt and signed it, with a pen.  Then I hurried down to the warehouse doors.  Punched in the code into the pin pad that was on the wall, once the light turned green, the door opened and I went in.  I passed the notice board on my right.  This board had all the information about figures, the top three sections of the store, sales number, any news about the company.  I meandered pass flat beds, pallets of deliveries, promotions, a shopping trolley filled with tin back stock.  Looks like someone had started working the backstock, it was left uncomplete.