A letter to the Editor..

Dear Editor,

I was reading the article headlined ‘Ban Burka to stop escapes’ in this weeks local newspaper.
In relation to this article, the facts incorrect.  Men do not wear burkas.  I wonder if they are getting it confused with what men wear in the middle east – a long full length tunic.
What has happened with men concealing their identity, wearing a burka is wrong.  However the MP should not be making comments like he has about banning the burka.  The fugitive could have worn fancy dress, or painted their faces, like in the film Dark Knight, where the joker’s team have worn clown masks to conceal their faces.  Having said that, does that mean fancy dress and face paint is now banned too?
Burkas and balaclavas are two different types of clothing.  Therefore to put them in the same category, I find that offensive.  Once again a religious dress is being criminalized and scrutinized, which is unfair and wrong.  Certain people need to be re-educated and get their facts straight.
I agree with the Home Secretary Theresa May, that it is not for the Government to tell a woman what to wear or how to dress.
London, England is well-known for its multi-culture and I feel these kind of comparisons and comments will cause aggravation.
Thank you for reading this letter,  I feel much better now.