Good morning! Or should I say goodnight?! It is 17 minutes past midnight, and I’m tossing and turning in bed trying get a good nights to sleep. Sadly it is not happening. In the darkness I climbed out of my bed and opened the window to let the cool air enter. My room is like an oven. Then I quietly, climbed down the stairs trying not to wake anyone into the kitchen and chopped up some apples 🍎🍏 took them back to bed. I’m feasting on the right now. Biting into each slice, listening to the crunch, juice of the apple fill my mouth. I taste sweetness and then blood. Oh no. I have bitten into the side of my cheek. Gosh I hate when that happens when flesh gets caught between your two sharp teeth at the back of your mouth and you have no control over. The sharp pain you feel and withers away as you suck the blood away. With your tongue you touch the sore area and flinch at the pain it causes you. This is only temporary, you tell yourself. You’ll forget about this tomorrow.

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