Moving on

You think you have moved on. Yet I still have flash backs of my ex. 

Colleagues talking imitating the northern accent so they sound like Wallace and gromit. We have a laugh and giggle in complete hysterics. I can’t keep a straight face as my male colleague puts on this high pitch voice and waves his hands about like “Windolene” – I think I have spelt that wrong. My colleague has the perfect bald head. Shiny. Just like the character Wallace. “We should have a Wallace and Gromit Day” I tell my colleagues and all start laughing. As I’m thinking about the character Wallace, my mind floats back to the past. My Ex appears. He used to cut his hair short and before we broke up he started to grow his facial hair. A little while back (couple of months ago) I saw a photo of him of how looks like now. Completely bald like a tabla, with a moustache and beard. Barely recognised him. I’m glad he’s no longer in my life. It’s weird how strange conversations bring back flash backs. The saddest part is that you can’t tell anyone. What you went through. Perhaps that is why certain relationships end as they are not meant to be. Life is a learning curve, and you have to keep bouncing back. Fall down and stand right back up again. No one will do it for you. You have to push yourself. 

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