Taboo Topics

I saw something online and it goes like this:

Person A: how old are you?

Person B: 33

Person A: And you don’t have kids. Wow, it’s time to get on that.

Person B: I’ve had 7miscarriages.

Person A – looking incredibly uncomfortable.

Person B: And we hope we have learnt a lesson about asking inappropriate personal questions. 

Miscarriage is an example, of a reason why someone may-not have a child. It is not always the case. But it was in the above scene. It’s shocking and annoying when people ask personal questions.

There are three answers why someone doesn’t have kids. 

1. She has chosen not to have them. The stranger is never going to be able to change her mind. 

2. She has trying desperately to have children and continues to battle infertility. 

3. She has lost her children. 

All of which are no one else’s business.

Don’t ask if you don’t want to accept the response no matter how uncomfortable you feel!

Other taboo topics are marriage and divorce. 

Another scene, at the bank:

Cashier: Are you the holder of this account?

Customer: Yes. Why is there a problem?

Cashier: Your name has changed. Aren’t you married?

Customer: No, I’m divorced. Can I have my money now?

Cashier – looking uncomfortable and awkward.

Cashier: well you look much happier now. 

Don’t ask questions, about people’s status, it’s none of your business. 

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