Sometimes you will see things that  remind you of someone. I always thought that was normal and friendly. 

“Hey watched a film and the location was Amsterdam, I remember you saying it was your best holiday.”

“Heard that song on the radio 📻 it reminded me of you.”

Snapshot of a coffee cake sent as a message to your “friend”.

And what does the friend reply to me: 

“…saying you’ve seen things that remind you of me, that’s all what would be considered romantic if it was anybody else…”

WTF Really?! 

What on Earth is the world coming to? It’s normal to remember things and let things remind you of people. Doesn’t mean you’re romantically involved in someone or want to be.

I’ve had friends male and female send me photos by text, postcards by post to say it reminded me of them. I did not think ever that person “loved” me or had a “crush”. It’s so pathetic. 

Maybe it’s the generation we from and how the way of our upbringing. 

If anyone want to comment, please do. Tell I’m right or wrong. 

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