Reminiscents 2

“Hey saw this starry night shirt dress and reminded me of your gorgeous starry night dress you wore at the Christmas do last year! I think this dress would good on you.” And sent the link from website and photo of dress. 

A male friend sent me a photo of live Rugby match with the Dragons playing. No writing needed. Photo explained everything. 🙂 #goodtimes (And we’re just friends! And it’s possible!)

A photo of a candy store – passed this place thought of you.. 🍫 🍬🍭 

Photos of old postcards /childhood pen pal letters – hey look what found! We should start this up again. 

Parkrun action photo.

A photo of a Harley Davison.

A movie trailer – YouTube link 

A book – there are many books that remind me of friends and it’s normal to think of them. Like my work colleague Mark who recommended Fredrick Nietzsche book Beyond Good And Evil – excellent read. I miss Mark, we used to have proper intellectual conversations. I don’t know where he’s now but I hope he’s reached his goal and become a successful engineer. Then there’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson recommended by my colleague friend Chris. I miss him too. We had lots in common. I wish him all the best too. 

Cooking tips and recipes. 

Cooking at my friends house. 

Green doors

Virgin mojitos 

Songs – Starlight by Muse, reminds me of Kickboxing and my rock buddies from there – Tom, Dave and Sarah. The Vaccines, Athlete, and The Maccabees- Paul, Boston – Mark, Wolfmother – George. Dave and I talked about Badly Drawn Boy a lot 🙂 Charlotte (Charlie) we talked about Nirvana at the age of 16! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

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