Realtalewryter writes eating out..

Last night I was dining out at Frankies and Benny’s in Lichfield, enjoying a three course meal. The starter was garlic and mushroom in a cheesy sauce. My main was a chilli calamari spaghetti. My dessert was a chocolate brownie  with ice cream and cream. It was exceptionally great food. The atmosphere was very welcoming, including the service I received. Top notch. I’ve been to one of these restaurants with my friends in the past where I live, however I have never received super service, especially when eating out alone. 

There is nothing with wrong eating out alone. I enjoy my own company. It’s a confident move. Sitting on a spacious table of four on my own. 

I was speaking to a friend a while back who told me eating with people, with friends is more of an experience than eating alone. 

I guess it is like a celebration. In my family, eating out at a restaurant wasn’t really something we used to do. Eating at restaurants, for my family was a source of income. My father was a business man, a founder of an Indian Cuisine restaurant and take away. So for us, I have always seen dining out, as a form making money for the family. Bringing bred to the table. As I grew older, and began working in retail and now in I.T. dining out in restaurants has become more of a celebration, experiencing food made by another chef of different cuisine with friends and some family members. Eating out is a luxury hobbie, past time. For me, eating has always taken place round the diner table in my own family home. With my parents and my sisters. 

In the last week of my father’s restaurant, when he closed the family business for retirement. Many of the customers told me eating at our family restaurant was  for them a celebration. It was a truly, a sweet comment. 

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