Embrace being different

When I was a child, all I ever wanted was to fit in. Sadly, this was never going to be, as first I was the only ethnic minority girl in class and I had an unusual name. As I have grown up, I have realised it is better to be different. And now I fully embrace my differences and do my own thing, have my own style etc. 

I was thinking about my niece. I always like to support her, encourage her and inspire her by feeding her interesting, knowledgeable, feminist type of books about girl power and it’s fine to be different. 

A few weeks ago it was world book day 2017 in U.K. For school all the children had to dress up as a book character. All children in my nieces year dressed up as the following, boys, the stereotypes, Harry Potter, thunder birds,spider man and the girls were all Frozen princesses. And what did my niece dress up as Horrid Harry. She dresses up as a boy. How cool is that! And courageous! I’m so proud of her! Sadly the children in her Year were nasty to her. You wait and see, when they grow to be different, I hope they remember that day. 

I’m so proud of my niece, that she was different. Be an individual. Be inspiration. Embrace change. 


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