Imagine relationships..

Hear me out on this. 

Imagine every person you met, you fell in love with, or became your boyfriend or girlfriend. You married. You had to marry. 

Then imagine, everytime the relationship broke, you had to divorce them. 

Think about all that stress you had to go through. Getting married and then separating. Horrible thought isn’t it? 

Well, this thought relates to days day. People who come out broken marriages, get a bad name in some cultures. The only way for them to move forward is to remarry but are not allowed to have relationships before marriage. Then there’s the western culture, where people are going through in and out of relationships all the time. No one ever points a finger at you and say, you’ve have tonnes of boyfriends/girlfriends, keep away from him/her. 

I might be generalising here. So I apologise. If anyone disagrees with this, please comment. Or does anyone think or slightly understand what I am trying to say, portray in these words? 


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