Why we love men we cant have (or women)..

Blurry-Street-Lights-Photos (This image is not my own I found it online. Refer to everydayfeminism.com)

There are many reasons for this. It is all down to our decision making, fate and when we meet people. The route we choose or in some cases go with the flow. You meet people. You admire people. Or you fall in love. Unexpectedly. Love is a tangible subject. I don’t believe in love. Love is something that grows from trust and respect.

Someone told me if you are lucky, you can fall in love twice. I have no idea. I thought I knew what it is.

Go back to the title. Reasons why we fall in love with people we can’t have is usually down to that fact that they are very famous and you see them in films. It is not reality.

You desire more. What you have is not enough.

It is temptation.


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