Music makes me happy (By The Vaccines and The Maccabees!)

Recently a colleague recommended me music by The Vaccines. I’m in total love with them now! Especially their most recent album ‘English Graffitti’. It’s brilliant, quirky and a delight! Catchy tunes, that bring you happiness and a big smile on your face. It’s chirpy! These songs all have a fragrance and a feeling to them now, memories attached to them. It’s like my up up and away moment when I first bought the Album. “just give me a sign” the day I found out I was promoted! It’s such a great feeling, same time sad that you’re leaving your team to move on to better and brighter things in life. The Vaccines music, different songs remind of The Strokes, The Killers and remind me of Kasabian the song “I want you do bad”. Now I’m listening to their (The Vaccines) early music. Because I’m curious. And also listening to The Maccabees latest album “Marks to prove it” and their debut album “Colour It In”. Love music! enjoy!!!


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