Once upon a time there lived two sisters who were very close. You could call like best friends. They dressed alike, they enjoyed the same music, they enjoyed the same food. Only thing different was one sister was older by two years. They had different friends because of their school years. The elder sister was beautiful. With her long black thick tresses and golden skin. She was confident and loud. She spoke with no fear. All men loved her, other girls were jealous because of her confidence and beauty. The younger sister was silent and timid. Unlike her elder sister, she had low esteem. However she was confident and cheerful with her sister. Alone, she was invisible to world. Walking down a street no one knew her. She had the same beauty as her elder sister. She was a quiet young lady and like her sister, beautiful which she never knew she had.  The younger sister admired her elder sister and so much wanted to be like her. 

Then one day, something absolutely dreadful happened and the sisters were departed. The younger sister never saw her elder sister ever again. Through the pain, anger and hate, emotions which the younger sister never knew she had, she changed. Her timidness disappeared without a thought. Slipped away like tears running down your cheeks. Suddenly life felt like it had a meaning. The younger sister felt the world was going to be a challenge and it was time for her to stand up on her own two feet and fight it alone like a strong warrior. 

Not The End The Beginning..


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