Thrill Seekers


Why do people do this? This week I was reading online about a man who was afraid of heights. His friends dared him to jump off London Bridge into the River Thames. This was recorded and has gone viral. It was also appeared in The Independent newspaper and Daily Telegraph newspaper. The man did the dare and guess what happened? It went wrong. He fell into the River Thames and the cold water hit him, put him into shock and the water current was too strong that it took him further away from land. I believe the man was saved and he did not die. Lucky for him.

Also, two British men participated in a race up a mountain in Greece. They had been blogging their whole trip. They mentioned in their blog that the route which they are taking is very dangerous and “100 per cent” you can die. Sadly, in this case, they died and fell to their deaths.

It is always the family members who have to pick up the pieces. In both situations, you can see how dangerous it is. The victims are aware of this yet people still do this.


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