Bad Neighbours


Bad Neighbours is a film about a couple who have a baby and live in a nice neighbourhood. The house next door is on sale and unfortunately for them an University Fraternity buy the property. You can imagine the problem. Noise and sound pollution, late nights partying and lots of havoc, for the small family who live next door. Neighbours from hell!

It was the trailer, which enticed me wanting to watch this film. It is a comedy.

Bad Neighbours should have been certified 18. (It is actually certified 15 and says 12 on the DVD.) My reasons for this being that there is a lot of bad, strong language used, sexual content, drug use, violence and nudity. All the fears that parents have about their vulnerable sons and daughters getting into trouble when they are young. It’s not a particularly, a good thing to portray such films, to a younger audience as they might or will get influenced in some ways. Call me old fashioned, I think the amount of comedy shown nowadays has gone a bit stretched, far fetched.

The star casts of the film ‘Bad Neighbours’ is the Musical High School hero Zac Efron. It is good to see that he is moving away from the chic flick teenager crush image into a more grown up adult image. The last film I saw of Zac Efron was called 17 Again, which was quite funny. It proves that he can act.

Also, cast of ‘Bad Neighbours’ is horror movie star Rose Byrne, you might recognise her from Insidious 1 and 2, and chic flic Bridesmaids. Then there is Seth Rogen, who has tonnes of comedy films like Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Thinking back to a conversation I had with a mother and daughter who I was serving at work, the daughter insisted on buying the DVD. Whilst the mother was disagreeing and saying no. Even though I had not, at that particular time, had not seen the movie, but had it at home, myself waiting eagerly to watch it. I inserted in conversation to the mother, it’s a good film, and then later adding that I have only seen the trailer, as I was feeling guilty as I had lied. You could perhaps see from out side the box, that I was trying to sell the DVD, as a selling point. Yes, it could be seen as that or just the sales person just trying to make friendly conversation. However, the film was bought and I was wondering later had I done the right thing of slightly lying that the film was good when I actually had not seen it.

So, did I enjoy it? Sadly, it did not meet my expectations. Slow beginning, focussing too much on the hardships of new parents not having much time together for intimacy, being a house wife, husband working long early shifts, their friends having fun and partying. The usual, generalised, typical view of life as parents. I am sure being a parent is probably one the most beautiful things that can happen in your life, if you want that. The film focuses on the negative sides of parenthood. The film does pick up when the new neighbours move in. Some scenes are expectantly shocking. Why was I shocked? Flashes of nudity, I guess I did not expect that.

The story goes from boring, to slightly funny to awkward to serious matters. If it was real life, it could have been quite scary. If this film was a horror film, it would have been very terrifying. Perhaps that is why the movie was made in a comedy genre.

My favourite scene was the major fight between Seth and Zac. It was very funny. I will not expose no more about this fight. You will have to watch it. Wait and see.

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