Writing at Two A M.

20/05/15 02:03

Keeping to your word is so important.  Not many people do not keep to their word.  I do.  Every time.  A while back, a colleague of mine helped me out with a minor problem.  It depends which way you look at it.  We were driving home from work, when I realised that I had left my shopping at work.  He drove me back.  We went back and picked it up.  IN my way of saying thank you, I told him that I would cook and give him a take away of my homemade cooking.  My team at work think I cannot cook as my husband is a chef.  That is a complete lie about me, I can cook.  I am a pretty good chef.  What is the purpose of this?  Well, I did give him some of my cooking.  A token of gratitude and a way of saying thank you.  Keeping to my word.  I did not have to do what I did in the above described situation.  I wanted to.  Why tell someone some action that you will do, if you will not fulfil that action?

It is like when someone says to you ‘I’ll help you’.  You expect that the individual ‘will’ help you.  And when they do not, it is disappointing.  A let down.

Keeping to your word, a form of being honest.  Honesty, not many people have this quality.

Keep one’s word is to uphold one’s promise.  To do as one says, for example, She is someone who keeps her word.  You can rely on that.  

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