Extreme Weather

Imagine living somewhere which is extreme.  I was watching a video online about three Australians who have never seen snow before.  It’ s like someone living in the snow and never ever seeing the sun before.

See the link here:http://www.msn.com/en-gb/video/viral/australians-see-snow-for-the-first-time/vi-BBh84z8?ocid

Like Olaf from Disney’s Frozen.  Personally I cannot stand the cartoon, it’s annoying and every child in the world loves it.  My neice and nephew do anyway.  And that is enough for me and every other child in my hometown.. Ask any child and they can recite the song words.  Anyway back to what i’m talking about.  IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT – SORRY ABOUT THE SPOILER – a snowman who wants to see the summer.  Obviously, this is impossible, snow melt in heat.  A very sweet song anyway.

I live in a country where we get a mixture of weather.  One day it will snow, rain, sleet and the whole town stands still.  No one can handle a lot of snow.  As it causes too much havoc.  It is hard travelling a lot of snow, walking in it.

Then there’s a hot heat, how do people handle the heat?  You can wear cotton loose clothing from head to toe, to keep cool.

It’s hard trying to get back into writing when you haven’t done some in a while.  The first orginal idea seems so possessive that you dive for a pen and paper or your laptop and start writing or typing, then half way through the unconsciousness, you get distracted with something else and forget the real reason why i started to write this.  Eventually my blogs will get better.


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