What? No Telly?!!!

That’s the exhausted, horrified reply I get from people who discover that I have no TV in my household.  Believe me.  Life without a television is great!  The frequent questions I usually get quizzed on are: “What do you watch instead?”  “What do you do in the evening?”  “You’re life must be so boring.”

Yes, very surprising.

I’m sure there are lots of people like me who don’t stare at an electric box in the living room.

I grew up with a TV at home, in my parents home.  I did have a television at one point, then gave up.  Why?  To save money of course.  You’re spending like £145.50 a year for a TV license.  My husband and I barely watched the box, only for the daily news and films.

There are other ways to survive.  Now I can spend my evenings or daytime, doing what I enjoy, like reading books, painting a canvas, meet up with family and friends.  Go out or browse online shopping.

I have been inspired by my childhood friend, they never had a tv when we grew up.  Better lifestyle, better learning, better people.

For TV series, I just buy the box sets.  You’re buying the products that you want to watch.

I just remember listening to the conversations at work about all the annoying programmes llike big brother, or get me out of here in the jungle, or whatever it’s called.

I do miss the brilliant cooking programmes, Richmond Blanc’s; The Great Bake Off and Masterchef.  That is all okay.

Main thing is I’m happy.  There is so much media available else where.  Newspapers, online, radio.  We forget these important things.


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