I am currently going through a grievance procedure at work.  The actual grievance hearing happened back in March, where I was stressed out and frustrated by it.  As I had to keep rescheduling the date as it wasn’t appropriate date to attend.  March was a very busy month for me.  June at the moment is a very busy month for me.  Why is it that this keeps happening?  When you think everything is going well and it isn’t.  Now the resolution time has come.  I feel I am being messed about with it.  Who on earth asks for an apology over the telephone.  How ridiculous is that?!  I just want justice and self respect.  What is wrong with that?  Hopefully things will get better.  It is a part of the cycle of life where we have to go through real horrific moments in our lives, where you cringe and want to hide from the real world and you can’t.  You have to face it like a human.  Head on and bounce off into the sunset, loud and proud.  Standing on your two left feet. (Is that the right expression?)  

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