I saw something..

I saw something online on one of the social networks and it made me so mad!  I got angry and switched off my device.  I refused to use it.  I should have said something and put the person straight.  I didn’t.  I hid.  I didn’t hide, I just didn’t want all the wrong attention for all the wrong reasons.  You see people in a different light.  Then you begin to delete them, unfriend them.  Not because you do not like them.  Not because they are your friend.  No.  They are not your friends.  Not real trust worthy good supportive friends.  They are just acquaintances.  People you know in the street.  People who recognise your face yet want to be nosy about your personal life.  Friends are people, who have the same way of thinking as you.  Same level of thinking and don’t upset what you believe in.  Why didn’t I break the silence and speak out.  Previously, when I have, people get angry and start making everyone around them aggravated.  Why don’t people understand anything?  Why compare something to something else, which are two separate things all together?!  

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