I recently finished reading a book by Julie Cohen.  The book is called ‘Dear Thing’.  The back cover of the book caught my eye.  This is what it read: 

Dear Thing,


Once upon a time, when we still believed in wishes, there lived a prince and a princess.  The prince was handsome and clever, and the princess was beautiful and good, and they were deeply in love.  


That’s something you might ask about one day, when you’re older.  What is love?  Some people think it’s magic.  Some people think it’s biology.  In this case, the prince and his princess seemed meant for each other.


I wish you’d been there to see it.  In a way, you were there; the princess and the prince had certainly thought of you.  They already wanted you.  A perfect child, who would make their love complete.


But the years went by, and went by … and you never appeared.


It’s not much of a fairy tale, is it?


I had to read it.  I took the book out the library on Wednesday, May 21 and finished reading it on Saturday, May 23 early hours of morning. Then I closed my eyes and had a nightmare.  It is not very often I dream a bad dream after reading a book about love, infertilty and sadness.  Dear Thing.. does have some really funny, hilarious parts.  It rips you to shreds, exposing fears of the characters.  You feel for the characters.  The book does have a lovely ending.  But we know in real life, life never has happy endings.  That is why the short stories I write always have a sad, unhappy endings.  That maybe why I am still unpublished.  

You can view the author’s website: http://www.julie-cohen.com





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