Rest In Peace Parveen Babi

I always wondered where all the top bollywood actress of the 70s have gone?  Parveen Babi was one of those pretty modern actresses.  I always remember her in the songs from the film Shaan and Amar Akbar Antony, which was a hit.  When I was little, you hear sad stories about actresses getting murdered.  I just wanted to find out the truth.


Above image is from the film, Shaan.

Image This image is from the film: Amar Akbar Antony.

After searching and poking around for information, I find out that a new film called “Woh Lamhe” – A Mahesh Bhatt film, stars Shiney and Kangana, was a tribute film for Parveen Babi.  Based on her life story.  Makes you sad.  It is normal to suffer from depression, and be sad, unhappy.  It is like drowning.


Above the the film poster for ‘Woh Lamhe’.

Image   Image

On the left is Kangana Ranaut and on the right is Parveen Babi from film Namak Halal.

Their hair do’s – don’t you think they look similar?!

Here are some links about Parveen Babi on youtube:


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