Battle Royale vs Hunger Games


I have never read any of the Hunger Games books.  I have seen the first Hunger Game film.  The second one has recently been released on DVD – and everyone have gone mad buying them.  At work, they were selling at £12.99 all week, only in the weekend, they were only £9.99.  Unfortunately, no one bought it at the special price, as they were sold full price.  Ha ha.  

My bil (brother in law) asked me last week, if I had seen any of the movies.  Only the first.  He was telling me how a Japanese writer wrote the original book, called Battle Royale.  Author is Koushun Takami.  My bil has offered me the Battle Royale book to read, as I love to read.  And has offered me the cult movie Battle Royale to watch too.  My sister on the other hand has warned me, the film is more gory and more action.  

So, Hunger Games copied Battle Royale.  

Image     VS   Image

Like most things, some one will write another version of theirs of something they have read or seen.  And which becomes more popular?  The second version.  

How many people watch subtitled movies in this world?  I know I do, any languages.  It is just so interesting (no I am not been boring, just cannot think of another word for interesting..), I really mean it, engaging,captivating, to learn different languages and watching films does increase your vocabulary.

I did start learn to speak mandarin at one point, some one I know gave me a language course and I put it on my laptop.  Twenty minutes hear and there.  And then guess what happens?  My laptop crashes and I lose everything on my laptop. Including the mandarin course and never able to revive it back.     




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