Do I like my name?  Actually, I do like my real name, yet I have used a different name for me here on wordpress.  Why?  Well, for privacy and I want to be known as something else.  My real name means Moonlight Power in bengali.  Moonlight is my first name and my surname means power.  Pretty cool.  Yes, I thought so too.  


However, though I like my name, it is a nightmare when it comes to spelling and pronouncing.  No one can spell it right or pronounce it right.  In something I read ages ago, it said if you have a complicated name you would not succeed in careers.  What a pain in the butt!  I don’t agree with this.  sometimes it does make me wonder..


In my family, we don’t call our elders by their first names.  We all have nicknames.  For example, there’s Bori, Midge, Shedge, Ooree, Coni and Suto.  Which pretty much means big sis, mediium sis, baby sis.  So I never call my big sisters by their first names and cousins for are older and in laws who are older than I.  And so forth.    Only the youngest, we all get to call her by her first name.  It is just out of respect, we do this.  As you can imagine, it was strange for me explaining this to a friend, or calling my sister by her first name when I never have.  Now, in the next generation, my niece and nephew have begun doing this, aunties, its similar, it’s Boro Cala and so on.  I don’t want to get too personal.  As the internet stores all this information somewhere online..  Even if it has been deleted, somewhere information is available..

Pet names – I didn’t have any pets when I was a child.  Except for a budgie.  We just gave them proper names.  

However when I write fiction, my characters name usually have a massive appeal to me.  Sometimes, they are called a particular name because of the meaning behind the name.  Sometimes, it’s been chosen just because I like the name and I have a hunch, that it is the right name to use.  

I have many nicknames.  I think the best one is ‘Bruce’.  My real name, nick name was orange juice, then juice, then Bruce,  ( I used to do martial arts / kickboxing for many years and I loved Bruce Lee.)  Bruce has just stuck.  It’s funny because I am not a man and I am a woman.  It’s funny, when someone shouts “Bruce” in a shop or somewhere where there is lots of people and a girl would stand up, wave and reply.  Now all I see, is ‘Bruce’ from Finding Nemo – the great white shark,  Funny that, as I have a shark phobia.



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