Get it off your chest..


If the world, educated boys and girls about infertility and all these different conditions, that men and women are suffering from, back at school.  The world would be a better place. People would not see the infertile as abnormal. If people didn’t automatically think that once you’re married, you’ll have ‘babies’ straight away.  There are other reasons people get hitched, such as, companionship. It wouldn’t be such a taboo topic to talk about.  In laws wouldn’t be weird about it.  Imagine someone close cried when she found out she was unexpectedly pregnant and cried unhappily, and the infertile person turns around and says ‘at least you’re fertile’. In a positive note. (BTW she decides to keep it.) But not all see that.  If you say to someone ‘you’re fertile’, the one who is fertile would think you are being hostile, emotional wreck, upset.  See this, being invincible.  Think of the moral behind Monsters University, trying to do something that is not meant to be. You may be great at it, however, there are other better things out there for you..


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