Wedding Stress

Weddings!  Huh!  I used to love them, when I was little.  It was so exciting.  My dad (abajee as I call him) to used receive the invitations.  He used to go out and buy fancy gifts.  One which I remember a shiny silver jug and cutlery set for when you make cups of tea.  Another a brand new, top model hi fi system.  My mum (amajee) used to dress each of us up, each sister and myself up in beautiful vibrant coordinated colours, so we all matched and you could tell we were a family.  My big sister used to paint my face in makeup, eye pencil and lipstick on the lips, with a little tika (bindi) on the forehead.  Bracelets covering our wrists, golden earrings and necklaces.  Then at the wedding, we sat at the table and watched everyone being busy.  We ate lots of delicious indian cuisine, starters, samoses, basmati rice with meat curries and chicken dishes. Gulab jamun or roshgulla deserts!  It was kind of boring, really.  I never knew anyone at the weddings.  I was too shy to talk to anyone.  My parents always knew everyone.  The bride always looked so beautiful in her wedding sari.  One wore a deep fuschia pink with a gold border and she was coy and wouldn’t smile.  The Groom, on the other hard, cocky and grinning at everyone.  Image

  Now, do I love weddings?  Yes and no.  After being involved in all my sisters weddings, it turns out to be quite stressful.  Year after year, another sister is getting married.  However it is not my sisters fault that this is the case.  

One year I was a bridesmaid for my best friend (at the time), and unfortunately it turned out to be a nightmare.  Never again.  I absolutely hated it.  It was an awkward memory.  I remember going out of my comfort zone to support my best friend’s special day.  I wore an awful bridesmaid dress, it clashed with my skin colour, My skin was too revealing!  A dress with tiny straps, which I never usually wear.  It was just a horrible experience, which should have been a very exciting experience.  Years after, I was invited to couple of more friends weddings, which I was very excited about as this time – these times I was NOT chosen to be a bridesmaid, just a guest.  It was worrying, and unfortunately, I could not attend due to other dates clashing.

So, why am I writing this blog?  Family weddings can be very stressful.  Trying to find the suited, right colour, right design, right dress, right hair do for sisters in a BIG FAMILY wedding, can be very stressful.  

My last sister is finally getting hitched this year.  HOORAY!  Yet, why do I feel the strain thinking about it.  She doesn’t live very close to me.  Far away.  Her wedding which she is practically planning herself with her husband to be – very exciting for them.  How do I put it?  A mixed culture marriage.  Another one of my sisters married a man from a different religion, it was a very exciting experience.  I guess, you could say two cultured emerged,  It was really lovely. 

This time, it is very different.  Don’t get me wrong.  Very exciting, not sure I can see the picture of what my sister the bride to be can see.  She has bought her dress.  A white dress,  which actually looks really good on her.  I’m just concerned about what she wants the rest of us to wear.  The colours she has chosen and design of dress, I don’t want the focus to go on us.  I want the focus to go on her.  It is all about her the bride.  Why does she not understand?  



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