Valentine’s Day

Do you celebrate Valentines Day?  The day of romance and cupid everywhere.  People kissing their faces off, bodies juxaposed blah blah..  Reality is that Valentines Day is just another day for retail companies to make money.  What’s the point of valentines day?  

My husband and I, don;t really celebrate the day.  We spend our days off together and dine out when we fancy it.  This year, the day has fallen on a friday – bad for restaurants – for me, just another day at work.  As my hubby and I both work evenings.  

Valentines Day is a bad day for singles.  When you’re single, you pine for someone to give you a card.  Pine for some one to tell you how beautiful you are.  If you’re married or in a relationship – Everyone expects you’re having a wowee sexy full on romance night out with your loved one.  Over blown out of proportion, day where money to spent TOO much!  


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