Good Day!

Hi all, I, realtalewryter, just wanted to announce that I had a good day today!  It was my day off from work today, however I had to go to work.  I worked at a new store that is being opened this Friday, January 10.  Entered a empty new convenience store and had to fill up the shelves in the whole building, make new shelf edge labels, point of sales, coach new staff and made new friends and contacts.  To me that is a successful day and work with managers whom I have worked with before.  Learning new skills.  It was a really good day.  Also the radio in the store played some pretty good music.  The single ‘Disillusion’ from Badly Drawn Boy’s first album, The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast and Razorlight track ‘Who Needs Love?’.  Funnily one of the young adults goes to me, “Who is Badly Drawn Boy?”  Gosh, that is showing my age.  Eek!  So, I explained to her, The film ‘About A Boy’ stars Hugh Grant, the music is done by Badly Drawn Boy.

So, Yes!  Good Day!  G’Day All!


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