Organ Donor vs Egg Donor


This topic has been on my mind for a long time.  Organ donor versus Egg Donor.  Is this the same thing?  Would you donate a part of your body to someone who is ill, to help them survive?


Or if you were dying or unwell, and needed an organ, you would look for someone who is compatible to yourself, to have an organ replacement.  A great scientific thing.  Fantastic that it works and people are filling out the forms to be an organ donor.

I saw a leaflet about being an ‘Organ Donor’ when I was at the Ambulance and Emergency (A&E) at hospital, couple of weekends ago.  I took a form and said to myself, yes, I would like to do such a great thing for the people of my world.  Though recently, I found the form, folded in my handbag.  I opened it up and did not read it.  I admit, I looked at it once and then threw it away.  I can’t do it.  It is not that I don’t want to, it is a big scary decision.


One of  my colleagues at work, told me he is an organ donor.  This decision he made himself and it is printed on his provisional driving license.  Cool.  A lot of my face book friends and out of work friends, do support this.  Terrific.

When I discussed this topic about donating an organ at school. we looked at the pros and cons, and everyone were like ‘OMG’, ‘Weird’ ‘Such a good thing to do’ – there was so many different views.  I think back then, I was one of those kids, who was yes, very much for organ donating.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love donating.  I am very generous when it comes to charity.  Regular basis, giving money to different charities, all year round.  Anything I see in newspapers or justgiving websites, I want to give and support them.

If my body needed an organ, I guess, I would say no.  No operation.  No, I don’t want a heart.  No, I don’t want blood.

Isn’t organ donor – similar giving blood?

If there is something wrong with my body, I will deal with it.  Can’t fix it.  Don’t worry.  Not the end of the world.

I had a conversation with a friend about women who can’t conceive, who have complications when they are trying for a baby.  My friend said to me, “Why do these women try, again and again, when their body is not giving them, what they want.  Just be happy and don’t bother trying.” (Again – is referring to such techniques like IVF, more on this coming up.)

Fair play.  That is her opinion.  A traditional view?

Yes, why bother trying?  If some part of your body does not work, then why try?

Science has advanced so much.

The first IVF baby was born 35 years ago this year, named Louise Joy Brown.  In a time where such techniques were forbidden, unheard of, distrusted, not traditional.  Bit like taboo.  Then three decades later, IVF has become a very successful story.  Well, I wouldn’t say a very VERY SUCCESSFUL story, as you never HEAR about the UNSUCCESSFUL STORIES very much.


In Vitro Fertilisation ( also known as IVF for short) is a process in which to fertilize an egg outside the human body and is then implanted back into the uterus. This process is used to help those couple having trouble conceiving.

As times have changed, the success rates have increased. I think it depends on numerous elements.  Age, time, what your condition is etc.

So, egg donors – would you categorize in the same section as a organ donor?  I think I would.  Similar sort of thing.  Isn’t it?  If you are a donor, and you want to help a stranger, you would not mind giving some of your healthy eggs away to hospitals to help couple who are trying for a baby.  But what happens, if it is on the other side.  The side where you are the couple who need to find an egg donor.  I guess, it must be a big decision, to decide for it or against it.   Most egg donations are anonymous.  Great.

So, back to my question:

Organ donor vs Egg Donor.

Is it the same?

Would you donar organ if you needed one?


If you couldn’t have children, would you get an egg donor?


But WHY?

If you don’t support organ donation, don’t they both fall in the same category?

It is a body part, something out of another body, then out in your body to help you.

Is it a selfish thing to do?  Is it moral? Immoral?  unethical?  Then suddenly, religion and culture jumps right into the middle of it all.

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