Think about crazy happy..

Think about something that makes you crazy.

Think about something that makes you happy.

Write about it.

There was a painting at my friends art exhibition held at the castle in Wellingborough in Northants, UK.  It was held a couple of years ago.  Her art piece was a black canvas, black frame and in the centre was a circle like earth, made out of jigsaw puzzles.  It was amazing.  I loved it so much that I bought it eventually.  It reminded me of the world.  Things that makes me crazy, is the way that life moves on.  How we don’t get justice.  How life is so unfair.  The painting reminded me of this.  The happy soul of one in the centre and the world so dark, full of evil and so backwards sometimes and unfair.  

What makes me happy, is eating, cooking, being creative.  I bought some acrylic paints yesterday, that made me really happy.  I love doing art and I love to write.  Seeing my column every week in the newspaper is something to be proud of.  Seeing my beautiful nieces and nephews, cheers me up so much.  Their cute little faces, tiny little finger tips and funny sounds they make.  

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