Inspire Me.. and I am given a picture that is worth 1000 words..


A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story.  

“Inspire Me” I click on the word press link and up pops an image of a dusty, rusty, damaged looking safe that appears it has been through a lot (a clash of images crash together in my mind: war, fire, abandonment, isolation, goodnight mister tom, possessed souls, the exorcist and so forth..)  According to the ‘inspire me’ link this image is worth 1000 words.  So here it goes.  One thousand words,  can I do it.  I have no idea.  

In my mind I see a small child being locked inside the safe, for being naughty, he has disobeyed his mother and his punishment is being locked inside the safe.  The air inside the safe is sour and bitter.  You can feel the rust falling and crumbling down on to your bare skin, like chalk does, when you rub it against a black board it crumbles.. The child is sitting curled up in a ball, his legs ache as he has been sitting in the awkward position for nearly over an hour.  His tummy is aching as he is starving.  The pain is horrific, and continues to escalate as he dreams of a happy memory of his little sister and himself, playing in the garden, with their plastic car toys.  The thought of his little baby sister, brings tears to his eyes.  She was a tiny little toddler, with curly black hair and bright ocean blue eyes, and she wore a little red dress with matching red ballerina pumps on her feet.  His father disliked her, he never knew why.  Until the day she was locked inside the safe with him one night, she was crying, because she was hungry.  The little boy had no food to give her.  He screamed to get attention from his parents, to bring her something.  Her milk bottle was empty and the tip of the bottle, was damaged and had turned brown with age.  He held his tiny sister in his arms and rocked her to sleep.  She cried, until they turned into muffles.  He didn’t do anything to her, he just held her cold limp body in his arms.  The bright blue eyes had faded into hollow sunken gorges, her lips pale and blue, body was frozen, he was confused, why was his baby sister suddenly so quiet?  He tried to wake her, but she wouldn’t wake up.  It must have been hours and days later, when the door of the safe opened.  The bright light scorched his eyes and he was blinded.  The fuzzy creature with horns transformed into his tall, stout father and his huge arms grabbed him and yanked him out by the hair, the boy screamed and his sister fell from his arms with a loud thud!  His father had an evil smirk on his face.  His father did not care about the baby girl.  The little boy cried out for his sister.  His shouts of protest was ignored by his father.  

“I have no use for her,” his father’s voice boomed.  “Come lad, time to make you into a man.”

(Parents probably would not do this sort of thing, this horrid behaviour is not allowed in today’s day, in present day.)



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