Halloween.  What is the meaning of this word?  I mean, well what does it mean to you?  Online it says it means “All Hallows Even” – what on earth does that mean?  

Where I live, when I was a kid, people didn’t really dress up and do trick or treat, it was really mainly for the kids you know.  Nowadays, parents are pressurised into buying costumes for their children.  What happened to creativity?  And making your own costumes..I’ll come back to that..

My earliest memory of halloween was when my school friend invited me to her Halloween Party at her house.  Her mum made cakes, lots of spooky looking food.  I cant really remember what we ate, I’m sure we all dressed up.  One of the main things I remember was the games we played ‘apple bopping’ .  A bowl was filled up with water and we had to stuff our faces in the bowl to get the apples out, by biting into the apples.  One game which I was pretty pathetic at.  And so, to look ‘cool’ like the others, when no one was looking, i picked one up and put it in my mouth.  Oh I did it!  Liar liar knickers on fire – No one saw.  So it’s ok.

One of my other memories, was going to school all dressed up in a vampire costume that my big sister help me to make.  a fantastic scary pretty mask, with long soaked in blood fangs and when I got to school, because the teacher disliked me, she made me take it off, so that I was the only one..

At work, I used to be the one with the best Halloween Costumes.  I really took it out to the edge.  One year, I asked my manager for permission, if I could use my work uniform as part of my costume.  What did I do?  Well, I ripped it up, tore it to pieces and covered it up with blood and stabbed myself with a knife.  I was a turned shop-worker zombie.  It was pretty cool and unique.  Another year, I had a bloodied apron on, bloody choppy knife and scary white mask – you get the picture very scary, as years gone on, I cannot really be bothered.  It gets tiresome..  will get back on this…



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