Rusted, Recycled Art at Retro Park

see, art can be anything!



There’s this little place we’d heard of in Listvyanka called Retro Park, and while we were more concerned with relaxation than sightseeing [of which there’s not all that much in Listvyanka anyway], we were determined to visit at least this. It was only a ten minute walk from our hotel too, and so wasn’t exactly out of the way.

Retro Park is awesome. It’s basically the artist’s backyard/studio and consists of a collection of old Soviet cars and motorbikes…plus a whole bunch of brilliant and wacky sculptures made from parts of old Soviet cars and machinery. Entering through a wide-open wooden gate you’re greeted by a knight complete with weapons, and he’s just the start. We were looking around for somewhere to buy a ticket and stumbled across a big glass jar in the grass that said ‘кассе’, so we stuffed our money in with the rest. The only person…

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