abstract of my life

A life is like a canvas.  A blank canvas is a newborn child.  One you begin to paint, your life begins to start.  Experiences form.  When you look back at your past, you can say ‘i had a good childhood.’ when you were a child you dream to be older and have luxury like a car, holidays and a career.  When you grow up, it is not that easy.  I never thought I my life would be the way is it.  Sometimes, I don’t know where to start.  It is a dark place as the moment and I pray and hope that it will become bright again.  Writing helps, and so does painting.  nothing seems to be happening.  It is good to have a diary.  Looking back this year has been a tough one.  finally blogging, i enjoy this more than social networks.  strange world we live in.  typing, writing, sketching.  life will get better, don’t know when.  i hope next year gets better.  

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